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You can be sure that any game coming from the ChiliDog Interactive publishing team will be two things – cheap and cheerful. Expect just that from Catana as it swipes onto Xbox. 

Available to purchase and download for a mere £5.79, Catana is a grid-based swipe ’em up in which you take charge of the titular Catana. 

Dropping the K and replacing things with a feline-friendly C, Catana is a fierce, noble warrior, one who is looking to make his way through the lands ahead, liberating all who come in his way. At least, that’s the vibe we’re getting from the Catana trailer over on the Xbox Store, with the screenshots complementing those ideas well. 

Playing out across a grid-based arena, it’ll be up to you to help Catana on their quest, unleashing attacks and swiping out in order to eliminate enemies. It’s here where the matchy-matchy mechanics come in – combine tiles and your job will be a good un. 

We’ll be getting hands-on with Catana in the coming days, all in hope of providing a full review of how it plays on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Once we’ve got a grip on proceedings, you can be sure we’ll deliver our thoughts. 

For now though the cheap price point is one that is going to see Catana sell. You can pay up the cash and grab the download you need by visiting the Xbox Store. It’ll be interesting to see how ChiliDog follow Radioactive Dwarfs: Evil From the Sewers and Richy’s Nightmares with Catana. 

Game Description:

When an unseen phenomenon creates havoc in nature, strange veggie mutants start to appear in the courtyard of a quiet monastery. To beat back the hostile peppers and eggplants, the master of the monastery takes a disciple under his wing — the young and fierce samurai Catana! Guide Catana as he masters the attacks that will save not only the monastery but also the world beyond it. With an easy-to-play and hard-to-master approach, you’ll create matches that eliminate groups of enemies, unleash powerful special attacks and take down crafty bosses. On your way to the epic liberation you’ll face Tentacles, Lava Crunchers, Robots and more. These monsters will lead you to the memorable showdown with the mysterious force behind mutations.

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