Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is on its way to both Xbox 360 & Xbox One (via Microsoft’s [email protected] program) and should be amongst the first indie titles to launch.

This special edition of the Steam fan favourite will feature a whole load of new content ranging from an expanded story to new games areas such as boat riding through the Canal of Flowers in order to save a fishing town. That’s not all though as you will faceoff new enemies that want to chokeslam you to hell (or to sleep as Drinkbox Studios so politely put it) and a three headed skeleton boss. Add to this a couple of new abilities to make for a Super Turbo Championship Edition that old fans and newcomers alike can enjoy.


In Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition you will be in the shoes of Juan Aguacate, a wrestler, who isn’t having the best of times in his small Mexican village. This 2D brawler/platformer, developed by Drinkbox Studios, will be full of action as he tries to put an end to the evil Carlos Calaca whilst taking on hordes of the undead. Are you ready to lay a beatdown on all who stand in your way?



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