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Guide to Betting on Online Gaming Tournaments for Beginners


E-sports is one of the fastest-growing areas of the online gaming industry. Various disciplines and tournaments attract thousands of people who watch team fights in top games such as Dota 2, CS 2, League of Legends, or Call of Duty. But this direction is a goldmine not only for the participants and players themselves but also for organizers and sponsors. You can make great money on them by guessing the winner or placing statistical bets.

Today’s guide will tell you how and where to bet on eSports events. You will be able to understand how to choose a betting platform and what bets you should choose. Stay with us; you will start making money quickly by betting on online eSports tournaments.

Preparing for Betting on eSports

Considering the growing popularity of eSports, beginners may rush and make the wrong moves to make their first money. Experts from our team offer you to familiarize yourself with tips that can help you quickly start betting on eSports:

  1. Analyze the game itself

As with sports, bettors can place correct bets after learning the rules of a particular sport. But if you need to play the same football or basketball in real life, you can use your mobile device or computer to test e-sports disciplines. This will allow you to understand what certain outcomes depend on, which way the scales tend to tip, and what you should never bet on during tournament play.

The first analysis stage has already been completed for many players because you have most likely heard of the above games or even played them. But we still recommend you familiarize yourself with their mechanics and gameplay by playing a few rounds or maps. In addition, you can use information on the Internet and fan sites and follow streamers on YouTube channels, Telegram, or Twitch.

Analysis of tournament participants requires no less attention. Read about the team you’re interested in and its players. Explore up-to-date information about the team’s current state, its past achievements and failures, changes in the composition, the appearance of newcomers, etc. All this can affect the result because even one new player can ruin all the tactics developed over the years, and here, we would not recommend risking significant bet amounts.

  1. Choosing a reliable bookmaker

Gamblers must understand the choice of eSports betting sites. Check the license of the gaming club, read reviews and testimonials, and find out whether it is a bookmaker’s office or an AUD casino with a separate section for bets. In the first case, study the gaming room because any gambling game can hint at whether the site operates legally. Keep clubs with a rich selection of entertainment and a betting section as a priority. The collection of online casino gaming sites in 10-100 pokies may lead you to believe that this site is fraudulent and that its goal is to take over your first deposit.

  1. Check the betting variability

Equally important is the study of the types of eSports markets. The range of available options depends on the kinds of disciplines. To do this, go to the bookmaker’s page, scroll through the current games, and view completed tournaments. This will help determine the range of online games you can place bets on this site.

Most bookmakers offer a standard set of bets on a winner, a draw, or a loss. But advanced sites are equipped with a wider variety of markets, where you can bet on the number of frags, winning the first round, first blood, the first kill of Roshan in Dota2, the number of frags with a pistol in CS 2, etc.

Check spread bets, handicaps, totals, and other markets. Visit the live section of the eSports bookmaker site, where you can currently make several trial bets using no deposit bonuses or insurance bets to test the functionality of the coupon.

  1. Plan your budget correctly

Bankroll management is half the battle in eSports betting. However, the issue of budget allocation must be approached responsibly to eliminate the risk of losing a large sum of money and developing dependence. You should only use money on bets you are willing to lose in case of failure. Start with small amounts by checking the minimum deposit limit on the banking page of your chosen bookmaker.

Calculate a budget considering a long betting time or for the duration of a tournament. This will allow you to move on to selecting the bet size based on the available odds and considering risk. Leave the bulk of your bankroll for the final matches because you will find a more extensive selection of markets and better odds there.

  1. Take advantage of bonuses

Bonuses are an ideal option at the initial stages of getting to know eSports. They increase players’ starting bankroll, allowing them to make riskier predictions and bet more during the tournament. Bonuses are available at almost all bookmakers, where you only need to register and make a minimum deposit. Some promotions require a promotional code.

Expert Conclusions and Betting Tips

Summing up our guide, our team wants to tell players that the betting mechanics are simple. You need to select an eSports discipline and tournament. You will see a list of current and future games. Choosing the appropriate battle will show a list of markets and odds. By clicking them, bettors will see a coupon with profit calculation and fields for entering the amount. However, remember that real money betting in Australia is only available to players who have reached the age of 21.

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