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It promises to deliver 9 levels of gun ‘n’ run action, it revels in the fact that tons of enemies will be in place, and it certainly looks to cement a place in the heart of those loving the retro style. Yep, Metaloid: Origin is here, and today Xbox One gamers get the chance to partake in some fast-paced platforming. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One thanks to the brilliance of the Xbox Store, Metaloid: Origin comes about via the Thai team at Retro Revolution; they previously behind the fun Metagal from earlier in 2019

Running with a price of just £5.79, Metaloid: Origin on Xbox One will see you attempting to work your way through an intense gun ‘n run platforming experience as you take charge of three android soldiers, before heading through 9 levels of madness. Your task at hand is to save a planet from the grip of one Lucian Corp and by utilising the abilities and weapons of three different playable characters – Erika, Zeta and Neva – will at least try saving the world from inevitable doom. 

Throughout this Metaloid adventure you’ll be found stumbling upon Soulrium gems too, and by collecting these up will discover that things open up even more, letting you purchase new weapons, more powers and stunning upgrades – and you’ll need them too, if not on the standard difficulty but certainly on the hard mode. 

We’ll no doubt have some thoughts and full review of Metloid: Origins on Xbox One coming your way real soon, but in the meantime just head on over to the Xbox Store and nail a download. 

Game Description:

Metaloid: Origin is an fast-paced gun’n run 2D platformer. Take on the role of one out of three android warrior’s known as “Predator” and dash through 9 different levels in order to save their planet from an robot army led by Lucian Corp, whom invade their planet and exploit the planetary resources to fuel their galactic war efforts.

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