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Looking to get one up on the online competition? Reckon your game needs to be enhanced? Gunnar Optiks and the ESL will soon be able to sort you out with a new unique line of glasses suitable for both esports players and gaming fans.

Two of the biggest trailblazers in gaming, Gunnar and ESL, have today announced a brand new three year licensing partnership which will see unique gaming blue light blocking glasses become available for both esports players, and their fans. Set to launch in two batches across the latter months of 2020 and into 2021, this will see Gunnar’s unique lens technology that has been engineered to reduce digital eye strain, dry eyes and combat fatigue issues associated with the use of digital screens, come to the fore.

“As we continue to lead exponential growth in esports, we also strive to professionalize the athlete experience in esports. With our goal of providing unique and innovative functional esports products, it made perfect sense to partner with the leaders in gaming glasses, GUNNAR Optiks,” said David Hiltscher, VP Shop, Merchandise, Licensing at ESL Gaming. “We look forward to equipping players across the globe with ESL gaming glasses designed specifically for esports players and their fans.”

Clinically proven and recommended by doctors, it is Gunnar’s patented lens technology that is the star of the show here, as it not only enhances visual focus at close range, but also blocks blue light and reduces dry eyes. Their wide range of gaming and computer glasses help combat the adverse effects of digital eye strain experienced by gamers who play for long periods of time.

It also includes frames specifically designed for use with headsets – with the likes of the Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset and its glasses friendly memory foam ear cups already helping out in that cause – to reduce temple pressure and headaches, along with a wide range of reading glasses and fulfilment of prescription orders.

“From humble beginnings in 2006, GUNNAR quickly recognized the need to support gamers by creating eyewear that would heighten their gaming experience in addition to protecting their eyes,” said GUNNAR Optiks, Director of Marketing – Gaming, Georgina Petrie. “With gamers being core to our brand, the partnership with ESL is part of a strategic alignment we’ve been pursuing in order to deliver new and innovative glasses directly into the hands of the people that need them most.”

We’ll be sure to deliver you more details on this partnership as things move forward over the months.


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