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We saw it as part of the Microsoft conference, as the Xbox big dogs shone light on the upcoming indie title from developer 2 Ton Studios. But in amongst that, new gameplay footage of Unto the End has also been revealed.

Originally announced way back in 2017, with a 2018 release on the cards, things are now just about moving along nicely for Unto The End. Coming from the new publisher Big Sugar Games (formerly Digital Uppercut) and indie developer 2 Ton Studios will be the combat adventure Unto The End – with the game hitting Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch, with launch of the former seeing the game arrive as a day one Game Pass title. Whilst a full release date is still unknown, a ‘later in 2019’ launch is expected.

Created by husband and wife development team Stephen Danton and Sara Kitamura under the guise of 2 Ton Studios, Unto The End follows the journey of a humble father as he embarks on an arduous trek to be reunited with his family.

“From the very start we knew we wanted a minimal art style with a side-on presentation, and gameplay that focused on player skill,” explains game designer and animator, Danton. “We also didn’t want to copy-paste an existing game model, or simply make a puzzle-platformer, roguelike, metroidvania or 2D Dark Souls. “So we spent a lot of time trying out ideas. And although that’s fun, it’s also really scary because there’s not much there to guide you. In the end we landed on a few simple ideas and then spent a bunch of time refining them. “Unto is a focused experience. It’s handcrafted and values quality over quantity. When it’s all done, we hope players enjoy its challenges and come away feeling a real sense of mastery and accomplishment.”

Unto The End is a 2D cinematic combat-adventure, featuring a nuanced combat system and handcrafted encounters, which follows a father’s journey through an unforgiving wilderness to get back to his family.

Key features include:

  • Nuanced 2D Combat System: Read, react and counter enemy attacks, strike tactically with range weapons, and use opponents against each other as you fight in one-on-one and group battles
  • Handcrafted Encounters: The adventure unfolds through a series of carefully crafted multi-stage encounters, each featuring unique opponents with their own history and motivations
  • Unforgiving Landscapes: Journey through mountain passes and stark winter forests as you overcome environmental challenges and discover forgotten pathways through a merciless land

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of this lovely little indie title. The comments section is down below while you can also hit us up on the usual social channels.

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