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Bringing together the best bits of physical, real-world, escape rooms and combining it with the power of the virtual land, Escape Academy has today received itself a fully confirmed released date. 

We first heard of Escape Academy in March, when we covered the initial unveiling of the interactive mysteries that it promised. We were then invited by the co-publishers at Skybound Games and iam8bit, along with the developers at Coin Crew Games, to find out more through a recent presentation, as the teams behind its creation talked in depth about what makes Escape Academy tick. And now that all-important release date is known. 

Escape Academy is a game in which Coin Crew Games look to transfer their real-world escape room plans into the virtual one, picking out the best, most tactile moments from life and transplanting them into a game. It’s a plane which was conceived during the pandemic, as the draw of the physical worlds was taken away from us. 

The thing is, in Escape Academy, the power of those rooms can be replicated virtually, allowing the creators to pick and choose what they want to add into their game. With the promise that no two puzzles are ever repeated across the playthrough of twelve rooms, it all sounds to be pretty exciting. 

A robust hints and tips system is in place for Escape Academy too, mostly as it’s tricky to go and call on a Gamesmaster in times of need. Throw in report cards for when you’ve finally made your way through a puzzle situation and a narrative which looks to tie everything together and Escape Academy could well be the game that escape room fanatics are calling on. Just remember, delve into Escape Academy with an open mind – for fear will slow it. 

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What we’ve seen of Escape Academy in our hands-off presentation is certainly enough for us to warrant a look or two come release time. It’ll be launching on June 28th 2022, on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, through Game Pass on Day One and on PC (Steam) along with PS4 and PS5. It’ll arrive with a full single player campaign, the chance to run that same route cooperatively and should well have a control scheme that is not just consistent across all puzzles, but totally easy to handle at the same time. 

Should you be after an authentically mind-bending escape room experience but in the virtual form, make sure you hit up Escape Academy when it drops on June 28th 2022

Edit: Escape Academy is now due to launch on July 14th 2022.

It’s probably worth you checking out Steam’s Cerebral Puzzle Showcase too – it’ll be part of the event which is running May 19th-23rd. There’s Wishlist and demo support (tomorrow) on Steam too.

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