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We’re quite fond of the fun little games that come from the Xitilon team, as they continue to help build out the Xbox library with cheap and cheerful gaming opportunities. The latest of those games is Happi Basudei – the oldest of old school platformers to hit Xbox in recent times. 

Available to purchase and download today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Happi Basudei whisks players back to a time when the CRT was king, when platformers ruled the earth and when gaming was, well, pretty basic. It’s something that Xitilon work well with too, following on from previous releases like Synchro Hedgehogs, Butterfly and Danger!Energy.

The Xbox Store will be able to provide you with the download of Happi Basudei that you need, with the game fully playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and from there you’ll get to experience a proper old school platformer. 

It’s delivered like one of those games that you would stumble upon as you grabbed a dusty old cartridge, blew off the cobwebs and settled down for a session. It’s a simple game with a simple premise – platform and survive. Or die. Your call. 

Should you be wishing to give it a shot, head to the Xbox Store right now – it comes in at a super cheap price (£4.19) so certainly won’t break the bank. If you do pick it up, let us know about it – the comments are below and the social media channels are buzzing.

Keep an eye out for a review from us soon too. We’ll be sure to be getting hands-on with this one, letting you know how it plays on Xbox Series X|S.

Game Description:

Oldschool platformer which you found on an untitled random cartridge, where you win by doing nothing. Well… except evading.

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