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Whilst someone at Xbox HQ jumped the gun and pressed the go button on Happy Wars a few weeks back, the game is now finally live on Xbox One…and this time it’s here to stay.

Available for free, Happy Wars is a large online multiplayer action games with up to 20 players per match. With a number of character classes, full co-op and campaign modes, plus the option to use your Xbox 360 save file, fans of Happy Wars on Xbox 360 should be in their element, whilst those who haven’t experienced it previously should be jumping right in. It is after all, totally free!

Game Description:

Go wild in over-the-top melees in a fantasy setting featuring comical characters! Assign any of the 6 unique character classes to your player character, personalize it by adding customization parts from a wide variety of choices, and engage in heated sieges and cast spells in grand magical battles with players all over the world! Happy Wars is great because: – Happy Wars offers wide variety of game modes, including a Quick Match mode involving 20 players per match, Co-op, Special Game, Story Campaign modes and more! – 4-Player split screen local multiplayer allows family and friends to play together on the couch. – You can share and use the save file from your Xbox 360 version of Happy Wars!

Make your way to the Xbox Games Store and pick it up right now.



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