There’s nothing quite like an action-heavy trailer to entice gamers into taking notice, and that’s what we’ve got in The Surge’s new combat orientated trailer.

As we’ve seen in previous videos, making the most of the limb targeting system as well as both vertical and horizon attacks is crucial, especially in aiding you to loot whatever you slice and dice. The ‘Combat‘ trailer reminds you that there are more aspects of the technical combat system to take into account if you wish to overcome the challenge of surviving the deadly CREO facility. And skill is certainly needed.

Both speed and positioning are very important in avoiding a vicious blow, or even ensuring you’re in an ideal place to attack the limb of choice. Using the exo-suit, you’ll have to manage stamina while dodging, blocking, ducking and jumping to gain the edge over the enemies. After all, as much as you’ll be exploiting their weaknesses, they’ll go for yours and then it’ll be the end of the road in no time if you aren’t smart in the way of strategy.

Along your journey you’ll also be assisted by an industrial drone, which was once used for CREO’s needs. Decide whether to shield yourself, burn, knock down, pull, or blast enemies, all whilst continuing the melee fight. That’s rather neat eh?

Prepare to grasp The Surge on May 16th, when it arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Have a watch of the newest trailer in the meantime and tell us in the comments what you think of it!

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