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The hardcore, story-driven RPG involving cards from Buka Entertainment and AY Games, Deck of Ashes has been given a release window alongside the unveiling of a new character-focused trailer. You’ll be able to put your card-playing skills to the test in Q2 of 2021, when Deck of Ashes heads to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

You may have heard about Deck of Ashes, given that it’s currently available on Steam, but we’ll give you the low-down just in case you haven’t. It’s a tough RPG with card-based tactical combat and has a huge emphasis on the narrative aspect. You’ll venture into a procedurally-generated game world, taking on the role of one of four anti-heros. Through finding and creating new cards, a powerful deck of cards can be formed to enable you to defeat enemies during turn-based tactical battles.

Every anti-hero character’s story is unique, meaning that there are four separate story campaigns, each of which will generate a new game world. It is up to you to decide where to go, which enemy to fight next and what resources to collect to create cards along the way. In total, expect to find more than 100 cards in the game, which can be mixed in order to create unique decks and combat styles.

Deck of Ashes key features:

  • The eerie world of dark fantasy. All character, monsters and locations are hand-drawn!
  • Four main characters – four story campaigns.
  • Incredibly replayable! Every new game will be unique due to the procedurally generated game world.
  • Insanely huge number of card combinations. Collect and create cards to fit your play-style.
  • Biomes with various monsters: each biome affects the gameplay differently and inhabited by unique foes!
  • The death is permanent in the finest tradition of a roguelike genre. Once dead you’re dead forever unless… you use the Black magic

As previously mentioned, there’s a brand new trailer for your perusal, featuring a timed-exclusive console character: Sibyl the Dark Soul, an Elven Archer. It appears as though her race had disappeared into another dimension long before the humans emerged in this world. For all the years of her loneliness, Sibyl has been looking for a way to get her kind back.

And you can delve further into her story via Deck of Ashes in Q2 2021 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch – as well as Xbox Series X|S and PS5 thanks to backward compatibility.


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