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You’ve undoubtedly seen them on your walks, but have you ever wondered what is inside a rabbit hole? If you thought it was just dirt, droppings, and tufts of fur, I have news for you. Or rather, a game. Discover what is in the rabbit hole in Rabio, out today on Xbox.

Little Rabio has gone exploring and found what is beneath his rabbit hole. To be honest, it isn’t quite what we expected. He encounters a retro 2D platformer of all things.

At this point it is up to you to help Rabio navigate through this new world, dodging the obstacles as you go. There will be projectiles, moving and dropping platforms and plenty of obstacles. Any obstacle will cause Rabio to restart the level, but this appears to be instantaneous. So, expect plenty of deaths, but also lots of chance to quickly restart.

Rabio does have a trick up his sleeve though. He can use gravity to his advantage. If you encounter a level that looks too tricky, see how it looks with gravity flipped. Using this, can you guide Rabio through the trials and out the other side of the rabbit hole?

Rabio is just one of a few rabbits that have popped up on the Xbox recently. There is Barry the Bunny, A Pretty Odd Bunny and of course, Bugs Bunny in Multiversus.

Rabio is on the Xbox Store now priced at £4.19. If you want to explore the depths of the rabbit hole quickly, you can also grab a discount. For a limited time, Rabio is down to £3.35. Let us know if you will be picking this one up quickly or waiting for our review in the comments below.

Game description

Rabio is a 2D small retro-styled hardcore platformer with skill-based gameplay. Little Rabio discovers the depths of the rabbit hole, full of dangers and trials. Help him pass all the trials!

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