wreckfest steel and wheels

Many will think of Wreckfest as a silly old racer, harnessing fun and not caring too much about who gets hurt. But if truth be told there is a serious racer hidden deep within and with the latest Steel & Wheels DLC pack, that hardcore racing experience is coming to the fore.

The Wreckfest Steel & Wheels DLC pack will set you back just a measly £1.69, but it’ll ensure that your time with the game continues to be an interesting one. After seeing comical additions with the Backwoods Bangers and Goofy Roofs DLC additions, today we get a little more serious, with some heavy armor that will ensure you no longer take an easy beating.

Available to purchase and download this minute from the usual digital stores, Steel & Wheels give you the opportunity to turn your Wreckfest vehicles into hardcore beasts, ensuring they are well equipped for the most heavy of demolition derby battles, with the introduction of new bumpers, side protection and the good old roll cage.

And whilst those bits will see your motors able to take any punishment, the inclusion of some proper style with new exhausts, spoilers and – as the name of the pack states – stunning wheels, cover the other side of the coin.

If you’ve gone all-in with Wreckfest and have fully committed to the movement, then you’ll find the Steel & Wheels DLC available as part of the Wreckfest Season Pass. Failing that, you’ll just have to pop over to the usual Xbox One, PS4 and PC digital stores in order to nab it.

It may not be as fun as those packs which have gone before it, but you should never ignore the opportunity to beef up your battle machines.

DLC Description:

Turn your cars into true beasts of steel with this heavy armor pack! Get your car ready for all-out demolition derby battles with heavy bumpers, side protectors and roll cages. Or add some wrecking style with wild exhausts, spoilers and wheels. This DLC pack is also included in the Season Pass.

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