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Thought Harvest Moon was all about kicking back and doing what you want, when you want, in your own time? Think again because the Harvest Moon experience that is now available on Xbox One does away with all that relaxation rubbish – in fact, it’s a Mad Dash. 

Available to purchase and download from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash comes to console to deliver a fast-paced farming frenzy. Running with a price point of £16.74, you’ll be left to drop into the world of Harvest Moon, before being tasked with harvesting, fishing and milking like your life depends on it. 

You see, it’s the fastest paced decisions that are key in this Harvest Moon experience as you and your friends attempt to save the broken lighthouse by completing multiple tasks and finalising specific orders as you go. Thankfully the promise of easy-to-handle gameplay mechanics should ensure anyone is able to pick up and play, taking to a variety of stages like the farm, the beach and the underworld as they go. 

Features include:

  • • Fast-paced action means quick decisions are key!
  • • Use Harvest Sprite Powers to unlock special support skills!
  • • Easy-to-learn game mechanics means everyone can play!
  • • Take on farm, beach, Underworld, and Skyworld levels!

It may not be Harvest Moon like you know and love, but whenever the opportunity arises to take in the iconic name on Xbox One, it should be seriously considered. If you think that this Mad Dash is one that you will find joy in then Harvest Moon: Mad Dash can be grabbed this very minute from the Xbox Store

Let us know in the comments what you think of its arrival. Or will you be sticking to the likes of Stardew Valley?

Game Description:

Go solo or take along a few friends in this fast-paced farming frenzy! Harvest, fish, milk, and more as you fulfill orders to complete each level, but watch out for molten lava, raging boars, and other obstacles! Can you and your friends try to clear all the levels to restore the broken lighthouse?

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