The grandest football celebration – FIFA WORLD CUP Qatar 2022 is gravitating toward us. Sports wagering platforms like EU9 will draw in this celebration with different offers.

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The Hayya Hayya FIFA World CUP event has three selections.

Firstly, the HAYYA HAYYA GUESS on Group Stage commerce between 11/14/2022 – 11/23/2022.

After the final Stage winner’s guess falls on 11/14/2022 – 03/12/2022

HAYYA HAYYA GOALS will take place between 11/14/2022 and 18/12/2022.

(Grand prize up to MYR/SGD 6,788)

EU9 Hayya Hayya Event

The event will occur all through the 2022 World Cup spotlight as we as a whole assemble to honour solidarity.

Players will obtain and get chances to a free bet, make guesses and win rewards and bonuses!

Games include:

Guess the Group Stage, Guess the Final Stage, and the Mini game.

  • Hayya-Hayya Guess – Group Stage

The event duration: 14th of November – 23rd of November 2022

Online betting players can make guesses over more than 16 squads from 32 squads that will advance into the semi & final stages.

The reward is yours when a player account manages to hit the minimum of 10 winning squads going into the next stage, starting by picking 2 squads from each group!

And win up to SGD/MYR 1,999 if you get all teams correctly!

*Please contact Customer Support/Service once the results have been announced to claim your reward.

Hayya-Hayya Guess – Final Stage

To partake and triumph in the Hayya Hayya Final Stage event, each player will get a guessing chance when the sum of the deposit for the month reaches a minimum of 200 SGD/MYR. (up to the date of the event)

The Event duration: 

14th December 2022 – 3rd December 2022

Players forecast the Final Stage squads. Rewards given for any successful grand call are SGD/MYR 599.

*The award and prize have to be claimed from Customer Support/Service.

Hayya Hayya Goals (Mini-Game)

This game is devoted to our online sports wagering players. The challenge will require players to win the mini-game and earn opportunities to join the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 event.

The event duration: 14th November – 18th December 2022

Players will receive a chance for every SGD/MYR 50 they deposit.

The top achiever result will earn SGD/MYR 2699.

Become a EU9 follower and join Fun Facts rapid fire. Whoever comments with the right answer wins! Stay up-to-date on the details and rewards posts by checking out our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Rapid-Fire Fun Facts: 2nd – 13th November 2022

Balls in Goals: 7 – 13 November 2022

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