The snow-covered Alps have been home to some of gaming’s biggest extreme sports in recent months, with Steep offering the massive expanse of the chilly mountainside as its playground since it released in December. Extreme sports harbours ambitious and competitive adrenaline seekers throughout its many disciplines and the only way to keep them interested is with bigger and better challenges. That’s why the latest arrival is one to be excited for. 

Yes, the Winterfest is finally here and the latest Steep DLC looks to raise the bar with even more challenges and a brand new completely wacky sport for the masses to enjoy.

Centred around its titular sports festival, Winterfest opens up a whole new adventure through Alps, bringing with it the chance to compete against a larger-than-life competition with 21 all new challenges for you to master. With several months of practice under the belt it wouldn’t be much of an ask if that was all the guys over at Ubisoft could throw at us, and so joining the roster of adrenaline pumping activities available in Steep is Sledding. The Sled will be used the same as the skis, snowboard, wingsuit and paragliders are now, and will be available for those early morning mountain runs for those of you that prefer the unique look of metal and wood as your mode of transportation.

As well as the many new challenges and the addition of the Sled, players will also be able to get in on some new customisation options with more than 10 new costumes ready to help you stand out on the slopes.

Winterfest is available to download now for free as part of the Steep Season Pass. Alternatively those looking to buy it separately can do so now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for the price of £8.99. 

DLC Description:

Dress up for the craziest party in the Steep Alps! Shred the mountain with a brand new sport, customize your style with fun and crazy outfits, and get ready to test your skill in Winterfest’s insane exclusive challenges!

Is Winter Fest enough to tempt you back to the slopes? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels and if you haven’t yet hit up our full review of Steep on Xbox One, then it’s right about here!


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