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The world of Cities: Skylines never sleeps, with the standard base game which released on console back in 2017 having gone through a number of expansions and additions. Today though we have the opportunity to head back to school as three new content packs hit home, providing access to the Campus, University City and a new Radio Station.

The main draw of this latest batch of additions to Cities: Skylines is that of the Campus as we get the opportunity to unlock new buildings, work with new area types and drag in the student population with a variety of different options. With five new maps in place, a smattering of new achievements to unlock too, the Campus expansion certainly brings the content to the yard, with the Trade School, Liberal Arts College and University all ready to be placed.

You can also deal with the sports and in Cities: Skylines – Campus you will be given the chance to work on the football pitch, the basketball courts, the baseball fields, the swimming pools and more, as you manage your teams and hope and pray that they bring the big bucks in.

Campus allows players to further diversify their cities by adding new education systems and buildings,” said Erika Kling, Cities: Skylines Product Manager at Paradox Interactive. “Expanding the amount of content available to our communities on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is important to us, and Campus allows us to do that in a big way.”

The Campus DLC is a pretty big deal in the land of Skylines and by delving deep into the inner workings you’ll be able to see your city prosper beyond all imagination. The £10.74 asking price is pretty damn reasonable in our eyes too. Our full review will be able to provide the finer details though. Keep an eye out for it.

But there’s more, and to coincide with the launch of Campus, we also have the Content Creator – University City in place. This smaller pack will cost you £4.19 but will really give your cities the full ‘University’ look and feel, with Michael “KingLeno” Warren behind the designs of the new residential and commercial buildings, with no less than 15 new proprs thrown in for good measure.

And finally – at least for now – Cities: Skylines players have access to a new Radio Station – Pack 3. This brings the new Deep Focus and Campus Rock stations to the game, providing listening access to a number of genres and tracks, from the College Rock, Happy Punk, Ambient and Lo-Fi. It’s a decent price too – just £6.69.

Today is a big day for Cities: Skylines players, particularly those who are looking to head back to school or who wish to embrace the uni lifestyle. Will you be one of those looking to add these latest packs to your game? Let us know in the comments.

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