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It seems like the hunt is never ending in theHunter: Call of the Wild, and today we get the opportunity to grab our guns once more as we head to the Iberia Reserve.

Available to purchase and add into your theHunter: Call of the Wild experience right now comes the Iberia Reserve. Priced up at just £5.59, should you be up for a quiet stroll across both fields and rolling hills, then Iberia will provide it. Just remember to bring your best weaponry.

The self-proclaimed hunting ground of kings, the Iberia Reserve will see you taking in a marble quarry, a crumbling monastery and sunflower meadows, as you nail your prey and ensure that your hunting game is still on point.

Set in the Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve, you can expect to find a huge range of wildlife present in Iberia, with you given the chance to hunt wild boar, Mouflon Sheep and the stunning red deer. There will be roe deer happily grazing the fields too, but on the flipside, you’ll discover the threat of Iberian wolves is an ever present one.

With a glorious open landscape to enjoy, you’ll need the best kit available to you too, and thankfully with the Iberia Reserve content pack you’ll be treated to the Mårtensson 6.5mm bolt action rifle. Created for both hunters and range shooters, this Spanish rifle offers precision shooting, a high degree of accuracy, and, most excitedly, a range of colour variations.

The Iberia Reserve pack also brings no less than 14 new missions and 55 extra side missions into play, enhancing the already mammoth base game considerably in the process. Full features of the pack are as follows:

  • CUATRO COLINAS’ FAUNA – The romantic landscape of Iberia has an equally diverse cast of wildlife roaming its various biomes. Chase after the European hare in the brushes, walk alongside the majestic red deer or temperamental wild boar, and catch roe deer grazing in the fields. Keep an eye out for the silent Iberian wolves and search the cliffs for the daring Mouflon Sheep. For those of you yearning for a challenge, you have the Spanish Grand Slam, which is made up of the 4 Ibex breeds – the humble Ronda, the agile Southeastern, the strapping Beceite and the daunting Gredos.
  • IBERIAN FLORA -If one had to describe Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve’s ambience, it would be with one word – regal. The region exudes both rich history and flourishing nature, ripe for your exploration. Its most distinguishing feature is its vast open fields, covered in sunflowers, olive groves, and lavender, surrounded by soft mountains. Framing the open areas are broadleaf lush and dry pine forests, providing perfect cover for cautious animals. The land is far from untouched though, as the marble quarry’s sharp angles create a stark contrast to the surrounding area.
  • MÅRTENSSON 6.5MM BOLT-ACTION RIFLE – The Mårtensson 6.5mm, the name while unusual is a tribute to a great foreign weapon master, is a modern bolt-action rifle manufactured by Spanish weaponsmiths. Designed to satisfy the needs of hunters and range shooters alike, this rifle features a smooth and reliable action encased in a lightweight ergonomic frame. Paired with the low recoil and flat trajectory of 6.5mm ammunition, the Mårtensson 6.5mm Bolt-Action Rifle boasts impressive accuracy even at long ranges. The rifle is available in three colour variations: Lightning, Thunder and Rayo.
  • MISSIONS AND MEASURES – Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve spans a massive 25 square miles (64 square kilometers), and it will be your call whether you take off exploring the reserve and go your own way, or if you pick up the unique story with 14 new narrative missions, and 55 new side missions. The land of Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve has had many different patrons, from the Kings of Europe who have wandered across the rocky dehesa, to modern hunters, equipped with the best of today’s equipment. Now, however; Doña Alejandra del Bosque Garcia is straining under the responsibility that has occupied her family for centuries. Amidst troubling animal attacks, disgruntled farmers, family tragedy and hostile corporate takeovers, she must find a way to protect the very essence of what makes Cuatro Colinas a hunting ground worthy of kings. It is her destiny, and it could be yours too.
  • SHARED EXPERIENCE – As has been the case with previous paid DLCs, if a player doesn’t own it they can still join a session in Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve at no cost by finding another player who owns it and joining their game.

Tempted by these new hunting opportunities? You’ll find the Iberia Reserve DLC pack available from the usual digital stores right now. That means us Xbox gamers should be found heading in the direction of the Xbox Store immediately.

DLC Description:

Strolling across dazzling fields and through soft rolling hills, this part of Iberia is a romantic setting for any reserve. It is no wonder that warden/custodian Alejandra considers her soul entwined to the very land itself, this hunting ground of kings. From the oddly graceful marble quarry, soft hills and crumbling monastery, to the meadows covered in sunflowers and lavender alike, Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve will take your breath away.


  1. I am looking forward to this new dlc. But there needs to be an update that changes a few things. One is the 7mm mag, the .338 , and possibly the .300 mag. They are all single shot. My real life 7mm rem mag has a 3 round in-built magazine. So you could do that to those guns in the hunter cotw. Another issue I have is the .470db. The length of the barrels is very long, so the range would be incredible, but without a scope, you cant really use it all that well. Please allow us to put a scope on it.


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