Fans of dodgeball have only previously had one way of taking in their favourite sport in videogame form – the rather fun, but seriously simple StikBold! – A Dodgeball Adventure. Now though it’s time to turn the dodgeball mix up to 11 and head down to the disco as Disco Dodgeball Remix has arrived.

Available to purchase and download for £11.99 – with a launch discount in place for those who are quick – Disco Dodgeball Remix comes from the Zen Studios team, as they veer away from their pinball roots to attempt something a little different.

And different is most definitely what we are getting with this physics based futuresport as we get to combine action that involves robots, projectile combat and some of the maddest neon-fuelled dodgeball action you can imagine. And whilst Stikbold went down one serene, yet weird, dodging route, Disco Dodgeball Remix is certainly going down another path.

With single player, local multiplayer and online matchups all present, you’ll get to dodge, deflect and catch your enemy fire, performing aerial stunts and listening in to a crazed monster truck driver every single time you score.

Features include:

• Revamped user interface
• Huge selection of game modes:
o Classic PvP: Deathmatch and Elimination
o Objective Based: Hoops and Capture the Cube
o Single-Player Arcade: Players upgrade their robot with superpowered
perks and take down bosses
o Solo and Co-Op leaderboard-based challenges
• A new level-up game progression earning 70+ new fun and wacky customizable
items for your robot
• Online multiplayer with frictionless, jump-out matches and automatic hosted
room creation
• 15 levels designed to combine a futuristic dance club and skate park
• High-energy soundtrack composed by talented independent artists that interact
directly with the colorful arena visuals
• Monster-truck-style announcer lends his big voice to all the KOs, trick-shots and
kill streaks
• Gameplay-changing powerups like Boomerang Balls and Jetpacks
• Additional features for Nintendo Switch players
o Motion control for aiming and moving for Joy-Con and Pro Controller
o HD Rumble support
o Support for 2 Joy-Con play in split-screen mode

Our full review will be with you in the days ahead, but for now should you wish to get involved in a bit of mad dodgeballing action, then the Microsoft Store will sort you out. You’ll also find Disco Dodgeball Remix available on PS4 and Switch too.

Game Description:

Disco Dodgeball – REMIX is a ridiculous physics-based futuresport combining robots, one-hit-kill projectile combat and crazy dodgeball action. Dodge, deflect and catch enemy fire as you perform ridiculous aerial stunt shots with your mustachio’d unicycle robot and enjoy the voice of a booming monster truck driver announcer when you score! Play a wide variety of classic and expert game modes in singleplayer, local multiplayer, or online multilpayer matches.

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