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We’ve run the rails of the Isle of Wight, we’ve spent time in Germany and we travelled the length and breadth of the London Underground. Now though it’s time to head north as Train Sim World 2 expands once more through the Cathcart Circle Line: Glasgow – Newton & Neilston. 

Scotland is the latest destination to be given the Train Sim World treatment, and with Dovetail Games having proven they have an eye for detail, this is one that is ever-so exciting. 

Available to purchase and add in to your base Train Sim World 2 experience right now, the Cathcart Circle Line: Glasgow – Newton & Neilston brings the hustle and bustle of a true suburban network into the game. 

The historic Glasgow Central Hub is the main draw here, and for the £24.99 asking price, anyone looking to enjoy the diverse services and scenarios it offers up will be pleasantly surprised – especially if you get joy in ferrying a load of commuters along the south back of the River Clyde and up into Glasgow Central. 

As always, expect a stupidly high level of detail to be delivered through the Cathcart Circle Line: Glasgow – Newton & Neilston expansion for Train Sim World 2, not just in terms of the tracks and surroundings, but also in regards the trains present. It’s here where this DLC add-on comes alive with the iconic PEP in the form of the BR Class 314 EMU totally kitted out in full ScotRail Saltire livery. You’ll be sitting aboard this loco as you make your way from Glasgow to Newton and on to Neilston, covering the entirety of the Cathcart Circle line in the process. 

Should you be a veteran of the railways scene, having found both the original Train Sim World and Train Sim World 2 to be of your calling, we’re pretty certain that this Cathcart Circle Line: Glasgow – Newton & Neilston expansion is going to be for you. 

You’ll find it available from the usual stores for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, with the Xbox Store our favourite. 

Just be sure to have a copy of the base game to hand prior to dropping the extra cash. 

DLC Description:

Experience the hustle and bustle of a modern suburban network using classic electric traction, linking Glasgow’s suburbs with the historic Glasgow Central hub, in Train Sim World 2: Cathcart Circle Line. It’s your job to take charge of the diverse services across this route; hurry commuters from the leafy suburbs and densely populated towns on the south bank of the River Clyde, up into the iconic Glasgow Central station. Take control of the instantly recognisable “PEP” in the form of the BR Class 314 EMU, adorning ScotRail’s Saltire livery, and go to work on a variety of services. Shuttle between Glasgow, Newton and Neilston, and call at stations along the entirety of the Cathcart Circle in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Take things for a turn by running services from Glasgow to Glasgow, and bring trains in and out of Shields depot and Neilston turnback siding.

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