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Head off on some Horse Club Adventures on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC


There are many gamers who will turn their nose up at a title like Horse Club Adventures, preferring to instead continue to spend their time with the latest AAA blockbusters that frequent the market. But for others – and in this case the 6-12 years age range – it’ll be a joy. Should you have someone in the family who is looking to take their first steps onto the gaming ladder, and just loves horses or the Horse Club franchise, heading off on some Horse Club Adventures on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch or PC could well be a dream come true. 

We’ll admit, we’re not the target audience for Horse Club Adventures, but we certainly know little ‘uns who are, and for them Horse Club Adventures looks to bring a joyous time. 

Priced at £24.99 and available to purchase and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC (with retail stores also holding stock of the PS4 and Switch versions), Horse Club Adventures is sold as an ‘exciting adventure game packed with suspense for Horse Club fans’. Is that you?

If it is, you’re in luck for this gripping tale will whisk you off to the Lakeside Riding Stable, as you take in an adventure full of mystery, thrilling quests and the chance to take in some proper old gallop racing. It comes about thanks to the Schleich franchise, and will appeal to those kids who find themselves kicking around in the 6-12 years age group. It promises to allow for free roaming and creative open world adventures. 

It’ll focus efforts on the quartet of Hannah, Sarah, Sofia and Lisa as they complete exciting quests, collect objects – basically photos and stickers – and take in a ton of customisation and personalisation, not just of the player avatars, but of the horses. And yeah, it’s the horses which are the real star of the show here. 

A story will push forth no less than 40 different quests and 30 optional side objectives, there’s a ton of content included here, but if required a freestyle mode is also present, letting players explore the world on their own. With various daily chores to attend to (this is a horse sim, yeah!), such as grooming horses, scraping hooves and taking in a few races, the development team at Wild River Games hope to bring the world of the Horse Club to life. 

Key features include:

  • Over 40 different main missions with a gripping story revolving around Lakeside!
  • 30 optional sidequests, including a thrilling tale about the mysterious Edith Jacobs that involves her, too!
  • Numerous optional mini-games, such as horse grooming and cleaning hooves!
  • All sorts of unlockable new outfits and embellishments for the game character. For example, new hairstyles, breeches, blouses, boots, riding helmets in the widest variety of colors
  • Numerous unlockable embellishments for your own horse
  • Fabulous collectibles, such as stickers and photos that are unlocked one after the other.
  • 90 racecourses with three degrees of difficulty are distributed across the world

Being badgered to open the wallet by your kids because they wish to head off on some Horse Club Adventures? Get yourself over to the usual digital stores and pick up the game on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC. 

We might even be able to sort a review of Horse Club Adventures on Xbox too – at least then you’ll know whether this is worthy of the cash or not. 

Game Description:

The wonderful game characters out of the HORSE CLUB world from Schleich are brought to life – in this exciting action-adventure game for kids! There is an amazing amount to discover in this open-world game. The popular Horse Club game characters and the lovingly designed locations in Lakeside, such as the café, the caravan, and the riding stable, are brought to life here. Horse Club Adventures is an excitement-packed action adventure with numerous missions, popular mini-games, intriguing secrets to be revealed and loads of unlockable objects, as well as collectibles and customization options.

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