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The Railway Empire on Xbox One has seen us flung between many locales, with Great Britain & Ireland, Mexico, the Great Lakes of Canada and a trip across the Andes all having previously been taken in. Now though there is one more journey to take, as we get the chance to head to Germany.

The Railway Empire – Germany DLC on Xbox One sees us taking in a land that has been marked by the revolts and rebellions of the March Revolution, with the German petty states potentially on the brink of economic collapse. Thankfully, with the appearance of the first private trains, cross-border connections are beginning to grow in popularity, allowing large cities to link together and the industrial sectors to deliver the economy the boost it needs. Reckon you have what it takes to help push all these things along?

Well, it’ll only be by getting yourself a download of the Germany DLC for Railway Empire on Xbox One will you get to find that out, with the latest content pack bringing not just a new map expansion – Germany if you hadn’t guessed – but a new scenario that takes place between 1850-1870.

Further to this the Germany DLC adds in 10 more engines, with the historic Adler and the Rhein included, whilst a cool dozen more tradeable goods and near-on 60 new cities will let you test out your very best economic strategies.

If you then add in a few new tunes to enjoy, the reworking of city buildings and signs to allow for the German way of life, then you’ll quite possibly understand how the £10.39 price tag being asked is a reasonable one, particularly if you have previously been drawn in by what Railway Empire on Xbox One brings.

With a number of DLC packs already in place, and a base game that is hugely addictive, anyone focused on the locomotive or railway life will most certainly find a good time had in Railway Empire. Make sure you check out our full review of the base game though – it should allow for a little insight into what is expected of you.

DLC Description:

Marked by the revolts and rebellions of the March Revolution, the German petty states are on the brink of economic collapse. However, with the appearance of the first private trains, cross-border connections are increasingly growing, linking the larger cities and creating industrial centers that will lift the troubled country. • New scenario – Patchwork (1850 – 1870) • Map expansion: Germany (available in Free Game and Sandbox modes) • 10 historical engines such as the Adler and the Rhein • More than 12 new tradeable goods (e.g. canned kraut and cuckoo clocks) and 59 new cities • New songs and reworked city buildings as well as an update of the characters and German signaling signs • Exclusive ‘concession’ feature: The map is divided into sections. Buy concessions to gain access to new building grounds (also available on the full North American map).

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