Grab your chess board and take a trip to Santa Monica as Chess Ultra gives us the opportunity to enjoy the sights of one of the most famous beaches in the world.

The Chess Ultra Santa Monica Game Pack comes with a £4.79 price attached, and that seems very reasonable when you consider what it brings.

Yes, you won’t actually get to enjoy the blue skies and palm trees of Santa Monica for real, but in chess terms, things don’t get much better than this as the Game Pack delivers a contemporary chess set that has been given a bit of a makeover.

With inspiration coming direct from the skate scene made famous by the Cali city, you’ll find that each and every part of the Santa Monica Chess set has been handcrafted from recycled skateboard parts and comes in two distinct finishes – painted or polished.

With a new chess set and a glorious environment to enjoy, if you’re a chess fan and haven’t been taken in by the numerous other Chess Ultra additions, or just have to feel the Santa Monica vibe, then you should be getting over to the Microsoft Store and nabbing the content right now. It’s also available on PS4 and PC.

If you need a review of the game, then we can sort you out with that too. Our thoughts on the Xbox One version of Chess Ultra can be found right here.

DLC Description:

Take a trip to one of the most popular beaches in the world and experience everything Santa Monica chess park has to offer. Get ready to challenge your opponent under blue skies and swaying palm trees. The Santa Monica Game Pack includes a contemporary chess set that has been given a new lease of life. Inspired by the popular skate scene on the California coast, each individual piece in the Skate chess set has been fashioned from recycled skateboard parts. Meticulously hand-carved and available with two different finishes; painted or polished, the Skate chess set brings forgotten skateboards of the past back to life. This pack contains a chess set & an environment. These can be used separately and paired with all other sets and environments in game.

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