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When The Molasses Flood delivered their debut title to Xbox One a few years ago, we couldn’t have imagined how good The Flame in the Flood would be. But honestly, it was great. That was however just the start of good things for the Boston based team as they now attempt to go one further with a new village-building survival affair – Drake Hollow. 

Priced at £24.99 or available as an Xbox Game Pass download, Drake Hollow on Xbox One is a cooperative action village builder. Set in the blighted land of The Hollow, it’ll be up to you – and your friends should you so wish – to help protect the villages of the Drakes; a group of local vegetable folk who rely on their land. 

Building camps is just the start of things though and with a land full of the most feral beast in place, you’ll need to do your best to keep these guys safe at all times. Fail, and well, the land of The Hollow will be changed forevermore. 

It won’t be easy keeping on eye on things as the Drakes are a weird race. Hungry, thirsty, and constantly in a need a place to sleep, you’ll need to keep an eye on their vitals. Oh, and they can also – quite literally – die of boredom.
Players will need to explore the wilderness and set up valuable supply routes to bring essentials back to camp, while keeping the Drakes entertained and happy (think yoga and puppet shows). Defending them from enemies is also par for the course, with weapons ranging from tennis rackets to nail guns, as you get the chance to unravel the peculiar and ancient connection between The Hollow and our own world. 

“Drake Hollow gives players a chance to experience something pretty unique in the world of games: the opportunity to care for something other than yourself,” said Forrest Dowling, CEO and Creative Director for The Molasses Flood, “Our aim was to create a game experience that brims with heart, is both musically and visually enticing, and has at its core rock-solid systems-based gameplay. We hope players find Drake Hollow to be as fun and unique as we designed it to be!” 

If you wish to know more about Drake Hollow then you could always take in our exclusive interview with those behind it. Failing that, check out our preview of the game, or hold tight for our full review. It’ll be with you very soon. 

To grab a copy of Drake Hollow for yourself, head to the Xbox Store and nab a download – whether that be by purchasing it outright or utilising the power of Xbox Game Pass. 

Game Description:

Welcome to The Hollow, a blighted and dying place, and home to the Drakes. Drakes are the friendly vegetable folk native to these parts, and they need your help. They’re hungry, thirsty, and need a place to sleep. They can – quite literally – die of boredom. It’s on you to save them. Build gardens to provide them with food, wells for water, and yoga balls and puppet shows to keep them entertained. You can even craft treadmills and solar panels to generate power for Tesla coils, electric fences, and other fortifications. You’ll need robust defenses, as you’ll quickly see that The Drakes aren’t the only residents of The Hollow. The Feral have overrun the land, evil creatures that are looking to shred anything happy or good. Battle them one-on-one with a wide array of weapons ranging from tennis rackets to nail guns, bring your friends to lend a hand, and build your defenses so you can take them out without lifting a finger. Travel from region to region, season to season, taking the Drakes and their village with you. Each region is over a square mile of territory to explore, dynamically generated and populated with each passing season. You must balance your time carefully. What supplies are most crucial at any given moment? What does your village need? Metal from the supply caches to build your defenses, or crystals from the blighted regions to grow your Drakes? Prove that you’ve got what it takes to help the Drakes and take back The Hollow.

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