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Head to the Land of the Rising Sun with the latest Railway Empire – Japan DLC


After being given the chance to travel the length and breadth of Great Britain & Ireland, having gone Down Under, and having spent time Crossing the Andes and paying a visit to the Great Lakes amongst others, it’s been a little quiet on the Railway Empire front. All that changes today though as we head off to the land of the Rising Sun, taking in the twisted paths of Japan. 

Railway Empire – Japan is available to purchase, download and add into your Railway Empire base game right this very minute. The most recent of all the downloadable content drops for Kalypso Media’s railway tycoon wannabe – the 9th DLC pack for the game, in fact – Japan has come about thanks to the requests of the Railway Empire community. 

You’ll find it on the usual stores for Xbox, PlayStation and PC players, with a Nintendo Switch release later down the line. 

What do you get? Well, the Japan DLC for Railway Empire transports you back to the late-1800s, just as the industrial revolution is booming and the folk of the time are crying out for a nationwide railway. It’s here where you come in, taking on two new expansions – Rising Sun (1870-1890) and Twisted Paths (1900-1920), as you look to become the all seeing eye of any one of three new Japan maps. These come in the form of ‘All’, ‘Mid’ and ‘South’, with them playable in both Free Game and Sandbox modes. 

Running a price of £10.74, the Railway Empire – Japan DLC adds in further details too – new historical engines, additional trade goods, a ticket feature, some of the most iconic of Japanese landmarks and more. 

Features as follows:

  • • 2 new scenarios: ‘Rising Sun’(1870 – 1890) and ‘Twisted Paths’ (1900 – 1920)
  • • Map expansion: 3 new maps of “Japan” (All, Mid and South) available in Free Game and Sandbox modes.
  • • 8 historical engines including the D51 Degoichi, Class 9600 Kyuroku and Class 8620 Hachiroku
  • • 28 new tradeable goods (e. g. sake and rice) and 35 more cities to discover.
  • • Added ‘ticket’ feature playable on all Railway Empire maps – cater to tourists and commuters to increase your profits.
  • • 11 iconic Japanese landmarks including Osaka Castle, Hells of Beppu and the Itsukushima Shrine
  • • New music, buildings and reworked mini portraits for characters

You’ll obviously need the base game of Railway Empire to hand in order to enjoy this trip to Japan, but should you be willing to purchase a ticket, will find that the Xbox Store will sort out Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players. The DLC is also available on PS4, PS5 and PC. 

Just be aware that this Japan addition isn’t included in the Railway Empire – Complete Collection.

DLC Description:

Japan 1872: after the successful restoration of the Meiji rule, the Land of the Rising Sun moves on to a promising era of major industrial and economic change. Japan’s long-term ambition to develop its own modern nation-wide railway network becomes a reality. People from formerly feudal regions are yearning to travel to booming metropolises. In Railway Empire – Japan, use foresight, planning and clever strategy to establish a railway network to facilitate this “great commute”. Will you prioritise the much-desired passenger transport or give preference to the transportation of goods? Think carefully and weigh your profits against the satisfaction of your passengers.

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