X-Morph: Defense thrusts you into a fusion of top down shooting action and tower defense strategy to see you playing as the X-Morph, attempting to invade Earth and gather up all its resources. The base game originally arrived back 2017 and since launch players have been treated to a couple of content additions already, bringing new story campaigns for us to get our teeth into. Now though the world of X-Morph expands once more – and this time we get to visit some of the most remote locations across the world.

The X-Morph: Defense Last Bastion DLC pack is available right now for Xbox One owners to purchase and enjoy. If you’re already fully down with the X-Morph scene then this is quite possibly a bit of a no-brainer as for the measly price of £3.99, it will see your campaign experience enhanced.

This latest story drive journey takes place on 4 different islands, dropping us into the harvesting action in Madagascar, Easter Island, Indonesia and Iceland. A variety of new enemy types are also present to ensure that the entire X-Morph: Defense tale finishes with a flourish.

If you with to grab it then the Xbox Store will sort you out with a download. Of course, you’ll need the base game in place first.

DLC Description:

This add-on includes a new story-driven mini-campaign which takes the players to the most remote locations in the world. The events take place on 4 islands, each with unique features. Chop down massive baobab trees in the Madagascar, slalom among the Moai on Easter Island, reshape the environment in sunny Indonesia and try not to melt in rivers of lava on Iceland. 4 new enemy types round up the package, ensuring that the X-Morph: Defense storyline gets the finale it deserves.

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