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Head to the USA with the first Truck Driver ‘Paint Jobs’ DLC pack


Since launch in September 2019 SOEDESCO have ensured that Truck Driver has gone from strength to strength, with multiple patches, fixes, upgrades and DLC drops keeping the title fresh. Today though they are looking to push on once more as the very first of a new series of ‘Paint Jobs’ DLC packs rolls out. It’s time to head to the good old US of A!

The Truck Driver – USA Paint Jobs DLC is the latest pack to hit the game on Xbox One and PS4, with it also due to arrive on Nintendo Switch soon. Priced at £2.49, this does pretty much as the name suggests, delivering new paint jobs to the game, with this pack focused on the American way of life. 

The first of four country themed paint jobs that are due to roll out over the coming weeks, the USA Paint Jobs pack will bring with it no less than six all-American styled skins, with French, German and UK options joining the ride at later dates. The options for now include:

  • American flag
  • American Bald Eagle 
  • Route 66 emblem
  • Washington D.C. skyline
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Monument Valley

You’ll be able to see these new liveries in action by taking in the trailer below. If you have the base game of Truck Driver on Xbox One or PS4, or are even tempted by it later on via Nintendo Switch, it’s possibly worth you considering a purchase of this latest pack to keep things fresh. Just pop along to your favourite digital store. Don’t forget to pick up the free Hidden Places and Damage System pack whilst you are there.

DLC Description:

About USA Paint Jobs DLC Whether it’s the American flag on your truck, the U.S. National Symbol or the Statue of Liberty, with this pack you can drive around in Truck Driver with American pride. All paint jobs are applicable to every in-game truck.

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