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You can keep your COD: Blackout and you can spend as long as you want with Fortnite, but for us, PUBG is the daddy of the Battle Royale scene – and right now that scene is becoming all the more frostier as Xbox One and PS4 players get the chance to head to Vikendi.

Available now for PUBG players on Xbox One and PS4 to enjoy are all manner of Vikendi themed content packs and additions. The latest map to hit the PUBG world – rolling along nicely alongside the 3 current workouts – Vikendi is all about the white stuff… the snow. In fact, you could well say that every day is a snow day with PUBG and Vikendi. What’s not to like about that?

Coming complete with breathtaking mountains, snowfields for as far as the eye can see, and frozen lakes that may just hold your weight, the 6×6 playfield that is found with the addition of Vikendi will surely be something that many will flock to.

With it being small enough for you to really be able to get a grasp on the battle at hand, Vikendi and its snowmobiles will ensure that the life or death fight is just about to get a little chillier. And when you’ve had the chance to draw fire across the entirety of Erangel, have become slightly bored by the open expanse of Miramar, or just think that the quick pace of Sanhok is a bit too much to bear, then Vikendi will be a bit of a delight.

So what if you are really taken in by what Vikendi has to hold? Well, whilst the free map and Survivor Pass is being made available to all Xbox One and PS4 players, should you be looking for more exclusive missions, faster levelling up opportunities and additional rewards, then the Premium Survivor Pass should be considered. £7.19 will see you sorted out.

Further to this, there are both the Vikendi Edition and Vikendi Pack available from the Xbox Store too. These are priced at £44.99 and £21.99 respectively, providing coinage, skins and more.

Vikendi Survivor Pass:

Purchase Survivor Pass: Vikendi to open up more missions, levels, and rewards. Game Required, sold separately. The Survivor Pass: Vikendi season ends on April 2, 2019 (00:00 AM PST).

How will you be found spending time in Vivendi on PUBG? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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