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We quite like a good interactive story here at the TheXboxHub and are sure many of you do too – with that in mind, keep your eyes peeled as The Assembly has landed on Xbox One.

Available to download right now on Xbox One for £15.99, The Assembly looks to bring an engaging story of uncovered mystery to Xbox One, as players set out to explore an underground bunker full of engineers, scientists and unknown research known as The Assembly – a bunker that’s hidden away to avoid the constraints of the government and society.

This interactive experience has players looking through the eyes of two protagonists, newcomer Madeleine Stone and scientist Cal Pearson, as they try to uncover the covert experiments and discoveries that have been hidden away from the world underground.

If you’re looking for that great story to kickstart 2017 then head on over to the Xbox Games Store now.

Game description:

PROGRESS ISN’T PERFECT A first-person interactive story for mature audiences, The Assembly immerses you in the morally challenging world of a secret organisation. Play as two individuals from contrasting perspectives where you will face trials, investigate the Assembly’s secret bunker and make tough decisions. Will your actions and their repercussions save lives or lead to catastrophe? WHERE WILL YOU DRAW THE LINE? – Uncover the morally ambiguous Assembly through a gripping and incisive story. TWO PERSPECTIVES – Test your potential in newcomer Madeleine Stone’s induction trials and uncover a series of shocking revelations as veteran Cal Pearson. MULTIPLE CONCLUSIONS – Thought-provoking dilemmas will lead you to question the Assembly’s relentless pursuit of progress.

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