When you see an Xbox One game restricted to certain regions, and priced lower than some mobile games, there is occasionally the need to worry. Today we are seeing a game that ticks both those boxes arrive on Xbox One – but seeing as you get to control a guy called Mr. Pumpkin, we reckon everything will be alright!

Available to download on Xbox One, Mr. Pumpkin Adventures does exactly what you would expect – it puts you in the shoes of Mr. Pumpkin as he adventures around a strange vegetable kingdom, in the hope that he can find his memory.

50 game scenes are in place and it promises to bring many a puzzle for you to solve. With a rather delightful visual look, and some of the least offensive ideas that you can imagine, for the low, low, LOW price of just $3.99, it may just be worth a little look.

The Xbox Games Store will be able to sort you out, but bear in mind you’ll need to be residing in the North American region of our globe in order to get it. Should Mr. Pumpkin Adventures ever appear elsewhere (like the UK perhaps), then we’ll be sure to let you now.

Game Description:

The protagonist of the game: Mr. Pumpkin adventures in the strange vegetable kingdom only to find his memory.50 exquisite game scenes lead the players to enter this fancy vegetable kingdom. The interesting game levels and various interconnected puzzles bring players an attractive Puzzle Kingdom.

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