Indie publisher Grindstone and their developers, Volcanicc have today announced a brand new rogue-like dungeon crawler will be coming to PC and console in early 2018. Are you ready for Hellmut: The Badass from Hell?

Announced today, Hellmut: The Badass from Hell will send you through randomly generated dungeons as you attempt to hunt down and slaughter hordes of demons by utilising absurd Transformation special abilities. You’ll need to loot treasure, hit up some soul stones and equip the most powerful of weapons – all in order to save humanity!

Hellmut will see you unleashing an infernal bullet-storm onto hordes of Demonspawn and savage bosses as you aim to perform the sweet ‘demonocide’. In between fast-paced play sessions packed with action, players unlock permanent and temporary Transformations, you’ll be found commanding  rats as the Rat King, become the mighty spell-caster, Orc Fairy, and summon many more ludicrous monstrosities, each countering different enemies with own brutal play style.

“We are excited to be publishing Hellmut on Steam, the first project of many to come under Grindstone’s name” said Peter Nagy, CEO of Grindstone. “The Volcanicc team did an awesome job packing Hellmut with everything that makes a dungeon crawler fun – procedurally generated enemies and environments, a wide variety of items and brutal boss fights. It’s all wrapped up in a super intense, skill-based challenge, sure to leave players gasping for breath.”

“Hellmut is a game with its tongue firmly in its cheek and a truly hardcore gameplay experience for dungeon crawler fan base. Players looking for a challenge will find it here in spades!”, Chris Bateman, from International Hobo Ltd. “Working with Grindstone has been a pleasure. Peter’s team has a great eye for the indie market, and it’s going to be fascinating to see what other games they sign in the months ahead.”

As soon as we know more we’ll pass those all-important details, and the release date, on. A trailer should sort you out for now though.


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