It was first talked of for an October 2017 release, then that slipped to Q2 2018. Now though we finally have a fully confirmed, super cemented release date for Hero Defense on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Combining a bit of RTS, Tower Defense and various RPG elements, Hero Defense from Headup Games and Happy Tuesday is now down for an Xbox One release on August 15th 2018, with a PS4/PC launch the day after – 16th August for anyone struggling!

Set in a fantasy world that is populated with many monsters, Hero Defense will see us trying to combine and utilise various mechanics from the RTS, tower defense and RPG genres in order to fight back against vampires, werewolves and zombies.

Providing a fresh take on the tower-defense genre, you will go about all this with the help of five heroes, all of whom can be improved in multiple ways. You will find yourself rebuilding a complete town to use even more upgrades and advancements, including RPG skill trees, runes, magic spells, mighty auras and modifiable weapons, as you strategically maneuver your chosen team through various arenas.

Features include:

  • Kill creeps fast to punish the enemy in an innovative mix of RTS and Tower Defense
  • Liberate your island, assemble your team and enjoy hours of a narrated story
  • Defeat gigantic bosses which challenge you with their special abilities
  • Customize your heroes through a deep RPG layer
  • Rebuild your town and unlock new buildings and abilities
  • Gain XP to access and level up each hero’s individual skill tree
  • Gather loot and equip spells that freeze, burn and poison the undead
  • Modify weapons by collecting and socketing powerful runes and customize your builds for devastating combos and skill-synergies
  • Replay procedurally generated enemies and endless mode challenges

Prior to the launch, Headup have decide to run the route of a number of features trailers, giving us further insight into how Hero Defense will work. The first of those is available for viewing right now. Watch it below!


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