As part of a highly exciting month of free August Games With Gold titles, the gory, satisfying melee combat of For Honor is now free for all Gold members with an Xbox One sitting at home.

In essence, For Honor pits an aggressive band of samurais, vikings and knights (with a fourth faction coming in this autumn’s free update) in an (inaccurate) historical setting, and lets players engage in a number of single-player or multiplayer fights for bragging rights.

Every time you go head on into a battle against a major AI enemy or fellow player in For Honor, a glorified rock-paper-scissors duel with ensue, with each combatant deciding how to position their weapon in either defensive or offensive strategies. At first it may all seem a tad complicated, unnecessary and overwhelming but this unique combat system is the glue holding For Honor together.

Whether you are fighting it out in a competitive 1v1 or playing as part of a team, getting to grips with the features behind the killing is essential in getting anywhere in the castles, fortresses and other settings of For Honor.

Also something that you will want to get involved with is the depth of customization that your character can undergo – with individual armour parts all viable for a makeover to set your Knight, Viking or Samurai unlike any other.

Ahead of a major free update releasing later this autumn, now is the perfect chance to get stuck into For Honor. You can pick it up, free of charge, on Xbox One until September 15th provided you have one of those Xbox Live Gold memberships to hand.

For more info on the free titles being given away via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for August 2018, check out our in-depth article.

Game Description:

Carve a path of destruction through an intense, believable battlefield in For Honor. • UNIQUE WARRIORS TO MASTER Choose your warrior amongst a variety of bold Knights, brutal Vikings and deadly Samurai, each with their own weapon set and play style. • MEMORABLE STORY MODE Storm castles and fortresses in massive battles and confront deadly bosses in intense duels to ensure the survival of your people against a mysterious deadly foe. • CONQUER FOES ALONE OR WITH FRIENDS For Honor offers an engaging single-player story mode and thrilling multiplayer. • INNOVATIVE ART OF BATTLE CONTROL SYSTEM Wield the weight of your weapon and feel the power of every strike through this system, putting you in total control. • YOUR WARRIOR, YOUR COLORS Customize each facet of your warrior, including your chest, shoulders, and helmet.

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