Shred! Remastered Xbox

If, like me, you are wondering what happened to the original Shred game, I am sorry to say you have come to the wrong place. Us Xbox gamers were treated to Shred! 2 – ft Sam Pilgrim, but this appears to be the first time we have had the original game on our systems. Albeit in remastered form, but that is better than nothing. Shred! Remastered is out today on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

If you thought shredding was just for the snowboarders, you are very mistaken. Shred! Remastered is all about mountain biking my friend. Just you, your bike, and some epic lines.

There are over 30 courses in total in this remaster. An extra impressive amount when you consider it has been completed by a solo developer. Not only that but it also contains:

  • Remade with love, from the ground up to bring “Shred 1” into the modern era!
  • “Flowy” level design based around the “pump” mechanic makes for a fun, addictive, and authentic MTB gameplay experience
  • Over 30 gnarly trails inspired by real world locations, video segments and MTB culture!
  • Zero BS…Shred! Remastered’s “pickup and play” appeal is ideal for a quick adrenalin fix!
  • Full controller support
  • Bike geeks can nerd out over the references to MTB culture and licenced in-game products from Orange, Halo, Gusset and TSG.
  • “Get your Shred on” to the awesome new soundtrack
  • It hopefully has less bugs than the original!
  • Made by a dude who lives and breathes mountain biking!

If you are one of them lovers of two wheels and pedal power – much like our esteemed editor – then Shred! Remastered should be on your radar. It costs far less than one of them fancy aluminium bikes too, as Shred! Remastered is on the Xbox Store now priced at £5.99. And this version won’t annoy other road users! Let us know in the comments if you fancy this one, our review will be on it’s way too to help you decide.

Game description

Bust out sick tricks and gnarly combos in over 30 courses inspired by Mountain Bike culture, hand crafted by a solo Dev who lives and breathes Mountain Biking! With flowy level design and addictive gameplay – every inch of trail will keep you on the edge and keep you coming back for more! Shred! Remastered is a total remake of 2015’s “Shred! – Downhill Mountainbiking”

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