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We’ve had the Hot Summer Revival and we’ve fully embraced the Sexy Bunny Outfits. Now though it’s time to hit the gym with Dead or Alive 6, as the latest batch of new downloadable content hits home – delivering access to skimpy Energy Up! Training Wear in the process.

Available to add into your Dead or Alive 6 gaming experience right now, the Energy Up! Training Wear gives reason to hit the ring and the gym, as our beloved DOA6 characters gets access to new gear sets in order to help them prove just who is the top ring fighter of the series.

Priced up at £1.69 for each individual fighter, or available for all 16 girls via the DOA6 Energy Up! Training Wear Set for £19.99, the latest clothing sets for DOA6 will most certainly appeal to many, with the following all now having a new wardrobe of clothes to enjoy…

  • Tina,
  • Kasumi,
  • Helena,
  • Kokoro,
  • Leifang,
  • Ayane,
  • La Mariposa,
  • Christie,
  • Hitomi,
  • Mila,
  • Marie Rose,
  • Nyotengu,
  • Honoka,
  • NiCO,
  • Phase 4,
  • Momiji.
doa6 energy up training wear dlc

As always, if you’ve already fallen in love with Dead or Alive 6 and have previously purchased the Season 3 Pass then you’ll automagically find this latest content in place. If not, the usual digital stores will sort you out with a bit of energy, with the Xbox, PlayStation and PC offerings covering all bases.

You will of course need the base game to hand, but with the brilliance of what Dead or Alive 6 brings – read our full review of the game if you haven’t already – that is probably a gimme already.

Let us know what you think of this new Energy Up! Training Wear DLC that has now hit DOA6. Is it starting to get beyond a joke now in terms of the amount of content thrown in to the game, or are you happy to just see new options being delivered? The comments section is down below.

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