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If you’ve ever considered hitting the open road and trying your hand at being a truck driver then the latest game from publisher SOEDESCO might just scratch that itch. So get ready to jump on board and begin a new life in Truck Driver on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The trucking life is thrust upon you in Truck Driver when you inherit a truck from your in-game father and decide to take a risk by starting out in a fresh career as a truck driver. After moving to a new city, the aim is to win over the locals and make a name for yourself as the best damn cargo transporter in the business. Prepare to drive through a seamless open world, supply a service to all kinds of people and, ultimately, honour your father by making it as a Truck Driver.

These jobs will be given to you by those in the community, ranging from a lumberjack to a construction worker. It’ll be made clear what needs to be delivered to successfully earn some cash, but also explains why the people of this community need your help and how your role in it affects the world around you. For example, fishmonger Charlie is able to grow his seafood company as a result of transportation being provided. By working together, the community will thrive and your stock as a truck driver will continue to rise.

Should you wish get behind the wheel and try out a new career in Truck Driver, it’s available right now on the Xbox Store for £34.99 – with PlayStation owners advised to visit their own digital store for a purchase.

Is this the trucking experience you’ve been waiting for? Get in touch via all of the usual means and let us know!

Game Description:

When you inherit a truck from your father, you take your chances and move to a new city. Here, it’s up to you to make a name for yourself and earn the respect of the local community. Drive through a seamless open world, work with all kinds of people ranging from a constructor to a lumberjack and honor your father by making it as a Truck Driver! Enjoy a trucking experience focused on your career as a truck driver Build stronger relationships with the local community with each job Customize your truck with tons of parts and tune it to your liking Explore a vast open world and watch it progress with you Navigate through diverse landscapes and interesting locations Compatible Steering Wheels: •   Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel •   TX Servo Base Force Feedback •   TX Ferrari 458 Italia Force Feedback •   TX Leather Edition Force Feedback •   Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback •   Thrustmaster TMX Pro Force Feedback •   Thrustmaster TS-XW racer SPARCO P310 (competition mod) •   Logitech G920 (driving force)

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