Hitman 2 Elusive Target 3 The Appraiser

So, Hitman 2 Agents, by now you’ll be aware that the job of an assassin is no easy task. Elusive Targets can appear out of nowhere and you can – and will – be required to use your cunning, vigilance and supreme skill to land the fatal blow that dispatches the target and appeases our clients. Today a new client has approached us. Want more information?

The dossier on your latest target is now prepared, so let me introduce you to Miranda Jamison – better known as the Appraiser.

In the world of Art, the Appraiser, is a character who’s been making a fair bit of noise through extensive price fixing of some of the world’s finest and most unique art pieces that have been put to the market. Through her disregarding approach to the art industry, her behaviour has seen the demise of a large number of businesses and renowned art galleries over the years, as well as the complete destruction of the careers and lives of many artists.

That’s not the last of her antics though and through our latest intelligence we’ve discovered that her recent activities have taken a deadlier approach with the recent hiring of a professional gang of thieves, requesting them to steal a very valuable painting from a former client. After uncovering her intentions however, we have been tasked to deal with the situation. Agents, you know what that means.

If you’re interested in taking a shot at the latest one-time target to hit Hitman 2, then you can jump in to Elusive Target No. 3 right now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. This target will be available until February 3rd 2019.

Should you complete your task then the Tuxedo and Mask with Gloves Suit will be made available to you, but be warned, Elusive Targets are a strict one-time only contract and as with each Elusive Target before, we are given very limited intel as to the exact location and expected activity of the target. You will need to approach with caution – for there are no retries here Agents. If you fail the mission, your target will be gone forever.

Your mission briefing is below. Good luck.

If you wish to know more about Hitman 2 on Xbox One then our full review should certainly be taken in. Hitman 2 is also discounted at this moment in time thanks to the current Xbox Live Deals With Gold Sale. If you want to grab a bargain, hit up the Xbox Store right now.

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