If you’ve been following the first season of HITMAN, then you’ll probably realise that it is fast coming to a close. Right now, you can grab the penultimate episode of Season One – Colorado!

Available to download right now, Episode 5 – Colorado sees Agent 47 infiltrating a farm compound in the mission ‘Freedom Fighters’, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. With the farm having been converted into a private militia training camp, you’ll be presented with an intense infiltration mission to locate and take out four targets.

“This is the point where the events of the previous episodes will really start to make sense. In Episode 5, the story steps into the foreground and provides a much clearer picture of what has been unfolding and where the story is heading”, said Michael Vogt, lead writer of HITMAN. “We hope players don’t reveal too many spoilers online, but at the same time I’m excited to hear the reactions to the revelations of this episode. It paves the way for an intriguing and rewarding season finale.”

With new disguises, opportunities and 70 different challenges unlocking brand new gear, weapons, and items, Episode 5: Colorado will reward you with major revelations as the first full season comes to a thrilling climax.

After beginning with a Prologue and Paris in March, heading through Sapienza, Marrakesh and Bangkok, HITMAN finally arrives in Colorado prior to the season finale in Japan later this year.

Head on over to the Xbox One Games Store and pick Episode 5 up for £7.99 now. Alternatively, head on in for the full experience with a £44.99 download.

Episode Description:

With four targets to take out, the “Freedom Fighters” mission delivers an intense infiltration mission that forces players to evolve trusted tactics. The area is extremely hostile, with a newly built perimeter fence and patrols around the clock. A once placid farm compound has been converted into a militia training camp and base of operations. Led by one of your targets Sean Rose, this new-age team of guerrilla fighters combines hackers, and weapons experts from across the globe. Three other targets must also be eliminated – Maya Parvati, Penelope Graves and Ezra Berg, who are all prominent militia members complete with their own specialties. With huge story revelations, diehard Hitman players will not be left cold as the season continues to build towards a thrilling climax. For the deadliest players, all-new opportunities, weapons, and items are waiting to be discovered. Episode 5: Colorado awaits you on high alert and with multiple adversaries to overcome.

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