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Should you have been waiting patiently for a game to push home the war between angels and demons across a cooperative affair then you will soon be in luck, as Obey Me has today been confirmed with a release window on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Coming from Blowfish Studios and Error 404 Game Studios, Obey Me tells the tale of the fight between heaven and hell, with angels and demons going head-to-head in a battle to the bitter end. Releasing in Q3 2019 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, Obey Me will see you unraveling a conspiracy in a war in which the souls of mankind hang in the balance.

Taking on the role of the once human Vanessa, you and a friend playing as her Hellhound companion Monty (or the AI if you can’t nab a friend) will be found unleashing destruction on a mammoth scale. By working together you’ll get the opportunity to absorb the souls of defeated enemies, upgrading Vanessa’s weapons and Monty’s transformations in the process.

These upgrades will be required too as the unholy quest that Vanessa finds herself on promises to be a tough one, taking on numerous violent denizens from above and below where she’ll unravel a conspiracy surrounding her. Thankfully powers can be combined across the two characters and bringing together Vanessa’s savage skills, weaponry and evasive teleportation with Monty’s feral attacks, and magical skills super-powered by his elemental transformations will see a Fusion Mode put in place, turning the duo into an avatar of destruction, with the ability to unleash the deadly Soul Overload attack when the Fusion bar is full.

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It is this partnership which forms the dark heart of the gameplay found in Obey Me however it is not where the story ends. See, this story of war and conspiracy among Angels and Demons in a decaying world is told not just through the game, but in a series of graphic novels published by Dynamite Comics, featuring art from Marvel veteran Ben Herrera whose resume includes X-Men and Spider-Man covers. Issue #0 releases in March, with five issues to follow and these will be available through both comic shops and digital comic retailers.

“Obey Me’s universe, woven through both a game and comics, intrigued us from the moment we first tried the game out,” said Ben Lee, CEO, Blowfish Studios. “The added depth from the back story provides much higher stakes while fighting against the forces of heaven and hell.”

Once we’ve got a fully confirmed release date for Obey Me on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC then we’ll let you know. For now though, stick Q3 2019 in your diaries and check out the latest trailer below.

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