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It’s to be expected, but Ubisoft have gone all out with For Honor. With new details dropping on a regular basis, closed and open betas taking place and the release date for the full game first approaching, hardly a day has gone by without something new or exciting coming form the Big U’s camp. Today, it’s the turn of the Season Pass. Oh yes!

Detailed today, the For Honor Season pass includes early access to a whole ton of content, new in-game gear and the lovely sounding Champion Status. New maps, modes and gear – if you like that kind of stuff – will be made available for free to all though!

So, if you want the best For Honor experience money can buy, and want to check out the Season Pass, then you’ll be finding all the following included…

  • Six all-new Heroes available seven days before released to all players – Six elite outfits to customise the new Heroes
  • Day One War Pack including:
    o One exclusive sunbeam effect on emotes for all Heroes
    o Three exclusive emblem outlines
    o Three scavenger crates to unlock additional gear
    o 30-day Champion Status that gives XP boosts to friends, more XP from crafting and additional end-match loot

You’ll be able to get access to all the Season Pass content, except the six post-launch Heroes and their elite outfits, at launch on February 14th, 2017. The new Heroes will then be progressively released by batches of two at the beginning of a new Season of the Faction War. After this early-access period, these Heroes can be unlocked via Steel, the For Honor in-game currency given for completing matches and in-game challenges.

You’ll also be gifted additional free content across three Seasons following launch, including new maps, modes and gear, will be available for free to all players. Season Pass holders will receive an early access to some elements of this post-launch content.

For Honor is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC from 14th Feb 2017.


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