We all know how Rocket League draws us in. With fast paced, stunning action that ramps up as soon as you take to the field with a friend or two, chances are you would have already experienced much of what makes the game great. But things are about to change – Psyonix are about to slam some hoops!

Arriving on April 26th 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Rocket League’s ‘Hoops’ mode will arrive for free. Adding a dynamic basketball twist to the usual concept, Aerials will be the key to victory and you’ll be finding yourself using the net itself to blast the ball into the air. Arriving with the new mode will be the free new Dunk House arena.

But that’s not all. In addition will be 30 NBA team logos represented as in-game flags. The NBA Flag Pack will cost cash, but will surely be a must have accessory for those NBA fans out there. $1.99 will seem a bargain!

We will of course remind you when Hoops arrives. It promises to be something special!

If you’re one of the minority and haven’t yet checked out Rocket League on Xbox One, our review is right here.


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