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Admit it, you love a Pug. Whether it’s the cute little eyes or the small, pocketable, form factor, the world has gone mad for their charm. But what’s better than a Pug? How about a dimension swapping one? That’s exactly what we’re getting in Double Pug Switch. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices, Double Pug Switch from The Polygon Loft is a weird alternate side-scrolling affair in which you join the life of Otis – a Pug. Your task? To save your master the Professor and his cat Whiskers from falling to the dark side. And whilst it may be easy to stop the human from doing something stupid, cats will be cats. Never. Trust. Cats.

Priced at £6.99, in Double Pug Switch you will be found working your way through multiple dimensions, hopping through time and space in order to save those who you dote on. A challenge awaits as you move Otis through no less than 32 different levels, collecting hats along the way. Yep, this is a Pug who rolls with style and with 40 unique head coverings to discover, and hidden coins that will allow you to purchase the rarest, there is likely to be plenty to involve yourself in. In fact, little Otis could well fast become one of the very greatest dogs found in gaming today.

Throw in the additional Whiskers of Wrath bonus dimension, and multiple power ups that will let Otis feel the force, and you’ve got a game that looks ripe for replayability. 

Features include:

  • Dimension-Swapping Action Pug Platforming!
  • 32 levels spread across 4 alternate dimensions
  • 40 unique hats to unlock – Cowboy hat, welders mask, even a brain slug!
  • Become a pugillionaire by collecting gold coins to spend in the hat shop
  • Find the special purple coins hidden in each level to buy the rarest hats
  • Activate power ups to shrink, launch, bounce and accelerate the Pug through the level
  • Earn a purrfect score by running a level without failing once!
  • Includes challenging bonus dimension Whiskers of Wrath for the ultimate test of skill

If you wish to join Otis, just love Pugs or are looking for something cheap and cheerful to add into your gaming library, Double Pug Switch is looking likely to be one to consider. Our full review of the Xbox One version of the game will be along shortly to provide the relevant details, but for now get over to the digital store of your choice. We’ll point out the Xbox Store, but you should also be finding the game on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile. 

Game Description:

Take control of the Pug Otis, the loyal companion of the Professor! After an accident in the Professor’s lab involving the mischievous cat Whiskers and some Portal Fluids, Otis and Whiskers are sucked into an alternate dimension. Challenge yourself with side-scrolling alternative dimension switching mania requiring lightning quick reflexes to jump, hop, and dimension swap your way to victory. Hop, dimension swap and navigate your way through unique dimensions to chase down Whiskers and save him from his evil wrongdoings!

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