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It was just another normal day for our lizard friend Sami – that was until his best friend Vera was captured by the evil Albert VII, leaving him to come to her rescue in Super Sami Roll! Luckily Sami comes equipped with a number of lizardy abilities, because this adventure is going to have a lot of obstacles in the way.

Super Sami Roll is now available on Xbox, following a PlayStation, PC and Switch release prior, and takes inspiration from all of the best bits of the Mario series, and perhaps a dose of 2021’s Balan Wonderworld also. Akin to the Super Mario Bros. 3 level select map, it’s very easy to select from the number of 3D levels that Sami must navigate, and in the levels themselves some Super Mario Odyssey DNA can be detected.

You see, Sami will be taking on levels across a number of different environments, ranging from those with dangerous volcanoes to a more calming beach scene. Each will have unique enemies to take down also, and this is where Sami’s interesting abilities come into play.

The platforming here seems truly top-notch, as Sami will be making use of a jump, roll, and grapple in order to swing between platforms and dispatch enemies. You can really garner some big momentum, which can see you swinging through levels, rarely touching the ground for a breather.

If you are in the mood for a happy-go-lucky platformer to blast through the cold winter months with, then you should be keeping tabs on Super Sami Roll. If you are looking to pick up a copy, then you can do so on the Xbox Store for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One for £12.49. Super Sami Roll is also available on PS5, PS4, PC and Switch.

Oh, and look out for our full review coming very soon, too!

Game Description:

The wicked Albert VII has captured Sami’s friend Vera and only you can help him save her! But it won’t be easy – you’ll need to roll, grapple, and jump to make it through in the colorful 3D world of Super Sami Roll. Embark on a journey rolling through beautiful green fields, deserts dotted with magnificent pyramids, dangerous oozing volcanoes, frigid ice lands and many other memorable places with rolling physics and tons of hidden secrets!

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