Happy's Humble Burger Farm Xbox

After the success of the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, there has been an increase of creepy anthropomorphic cartoon characters coming to life. Recent addition Poppy Playtime has been making a lot of noise over on PC, but Xbox players shouldn’t feel left out too. That’s because on the menu today is Happy’s Humble Burger Farm for Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. A place where the burgers bite back.

As a new started on the night shift at Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, you need to keep the midnight feasters happy. If you’ve ever frequented a McDonald’s after a night out you know exactly what clientele to expect. They will order from the various items on the menu, and it is up to you to ensure their orders are correct. Flip the burgers, deep fry the nuggets and chips and apply the right garnish in this fast-food restaurant simulator.

Make three mistakes during a shift though and things will get weird. Happy the Humble Heifer won’t be pleased with your performance. And you won’t like Happy when they are unhappy. Strange things will start occurring and you will quickly descend from a simulator into survival horror.

But if you don’t upset Happy then you will have nothing to worry about, right? Right??

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is available to download now priced at £16.74. If you are quick, you can take a bite out of that price and reduce it down to £15.06. Just remember, keep Happy happy and nothing bad will happen. We will have a review soon, providing we don’t keep making mistakes with the orders.

Game description

Congratulations, you’ve just been hired to work the night shift! You’ll be all by yourself, but we trust you can handle it… You’ll be grilling patties, operating deep fryers, and pouring drinks at our quiet restaurant on the edge of town. The customers sure do love the menu; they can’t get enough of the Happy’s Deluxe, Fantastic Fowl, and Poppin’ Pork sandwiches. The fries and salmon nugs are also a big hit. I hear rumors of Happy-Dogs and desserts in the near future, too! When each customer makes an order, it’s up to you to make a plan and execute it well. If you give customers the wrong order, or take too long, it’ll count as an infraction. If you get three of those infractions, well… let’s just say Happy the Humble Heifer isn’t as joyful when the customers are upset. DO NOT UPSET HAPPY. TRUST US. But hey, you’ll do fine! Just as long as you don’t upset Happy, you’ll do great! We believe in you!

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