ufc 4 Rainbows & Unicorns Vanity Bundle

UFC 4 is all about shaping your fight style and thanks to a host of new DLC packs the options available to you have just expanded massively. No matter whether you’re a newbie just starting out, think of yourself as a big of a gladiator of the octagon, or want to embrace rainbows and unicorns, you’re sorted. 

Four new DLC packs have hit UFC 4 in all, and if we’re honest, they all provide something massively different, particularly from the standard base game that is in place.

The UFC 4 – Starter Bundle is the best place to start, mostly as it will only set you back £3.99. Should you wish to jump in with this pack, you’ll find a number of new goodies that will help you out on your UFC career, with some new gear for your fighter (a black Jean Shorts and two different Tank Tops), along with 500 sweet UFC Points and an exclusive Backyard Player Card Background. 

Further to that is a more premium version – cleverly titled the Premium Starter Bundle. This is considerably more costly – £15.99 in fact – but it has been inspired by the legend of the Kumite, providing multiple options. In fact, if you’re serious about UFC 4, this is the pack for you, with all of the following included…

  • 2200 UFC Points
  • x2 Gi Pants (Black & Green)
  • x2 Gi Top (Black & Green)
  • x1 Rope Gloves (Black w/ red trim)
  • Ninja Mask (Black)
  • Exclusive Kumite Player Card Background

Just as serious is the new Gladiator Vanity Bundle. This is priced at £3.99, and pretty much does as the name suggests, delivering gladiatorial traditions from the past to UFC 4. Expect to find a new Gladiator Helmet, Gladiator Shorts with a glorious black and gold trim, some red Rope Gloves and an Exclusive Gladator Player Card. 

ufc 4 Gladiator Vanity Bundle

So all is good in the UFC 4 hood, but then things get a bit silly with the introduction of the Rainbows and Unicorns Vanity Bundle. Yep, rainbows and unicorns. This is again priced at £3.99 – and much like all the other packs, if you have an EA Play/Access subscription, you’ll find a 10% discount in place – but it is about as far removed from the other additions as you can imagine. Basically put though, if you like the sparkly, and think that unicorns are real, this is for you, with new shorts, shirts, player cars and more included. In fact, in the UFC 4 – Rainbows & Unicorns Vanity Bundle, you’ll find…

  • Animated Star Boxing Shorts (Purple)
  • Animated Star Long sleeve Shirt (Purple)
  • Star Gloves (Purple)
  • Animated Unicorn Board Shorts (Blue or Pink)
  • Animated Unicorn Short sleeve Shirt (Blue or Pink)
  • Exclusive Rainbows & Unicorns Player Card
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So, how are you sorted with UFC 4 and the new DLC packs? Which ones will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments below.  


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