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Hot Wheels is Unleashed on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

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We’ve seen the Hot Wheels brand become integrated into a variety of racing franchises many times over the years, with recent additions working their way into Forza Horizon and Beach Buggy Racing 2. Now though it’s time for the world’s most famous toy cars to break out on their own, as Hot Wheels Unleashed arrives on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Available to purchase and download right now is Hot Wheels Unleashed in Ultimate Stunt Edition form, giving players the chance to take to the track some three days ahead of the official street date. 

The Ultimate Stunt Edition of Hot Wheels Unleashed is the biggest, baddest, more content rich of all the Unleashed options which are hitting PC and console and for the small asking price of £69.99 you’ll find access to the base game (fully playable right now), along with the Pass Vol.1, Pass Vol.2, Sportscar Pack, Beefed Up Pack and Street Beasts Pack. If you’re a Hot Wheels fan, this is the version of the game you want. 

If you’re not overly fussed by the addition of extra cars and content post-launch, then you’ll probably be best off holding for the Standard Edition (£39.99), or Collectors Edition (£59.99) when they arrive on the 30th September. 

Whichever version you buy though, you can expect the same flaming Hot Wheels experience. As a game it puts you behind the wheel of some of the most iconic vehicles from the Hot Wheels universe, before seeing you race, drift, boost and jump your way to utter victory. 

With a ton of tracks available – and a deep Track Builder for those with a passion for creating – what’s been included from the get-go certainly seems to be pretty decent. And of course, the cars are present too, with 66 available from launch and a host promised later down the line. 

Key features include:

  • COLLECTOR OR ARTIST? BOTH – The most iconic and sought after Hot Wheels™ vehicles are waiting for you. Get ready to make them race at full speed! Stand out in the crowd by setting off your personality with the exclusive livery editor.
  • ALWAYS RUNNING – Prove your skills by competing in awesome races and get ready for pure fun! Drift, charge the booster and launch yourself into spectacular loops. But be careful! If you’re too slow gravity will do its job. The bigger the challenge, the greater the glory. Race side by side with your friends in split screen mode for 2 players or face up to 12 opponents in online challenges.
  • CREATE THE SHAPE OF YOUR TRACK – Waiting to host your races are enormous interactive environments with their own distinguishing features, where every object can become an integral part of the track. Unleash your creativity with the most exciting track editor ever! Build your track by taking advantage of what surrounds you, and create amazing layouts inside and outside the race course. Bend and stretch the iconic “orange piece”, add loops, special boosters, obstacles and special elements to make an incredible amusement park for your races. Share your craziest creations online and try those of other players.
  • RACE IN YOUR WORLD – Furnish your own personal room with a huge number of elements that you will collect during your adventure and host the most amazing races inside it.

Our full review of how Hot Wheels Unleashed plays out on Xbox Series X|S is right here so give it a read.  

In the meantime you can head to the digital store of your choosing in order to get involved. The Xbox Store will sort you out for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions, whilst the PlayStation Store or Nintendo eShop will cover those bases. You’ll find the game on PC too. 

Game Description:

Collect the best vehicles in the Hot Wheels™ universe, build spectacular tracks and dive into breathtaking races.  

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