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There are many twin-stick shooters that you can play on Xbox One, but from now, there’s one more – Hovership Havoc.

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One thanks to the power of the Xbox Store, Hovership Havoc takes the standard twin-stick shooter and throws in a ton of randomly generated levels, huge boss battles against giant robotic figures, and a ton of orb collecting that would easily put Crackdown 3 to shame.

Hovership Havoc on Xbox One pretty much does as you would expect of a twin-sticker, pushing you through a futuristic robot factory as you go about destroying any and all enemies that you come across, all before upgrading your ship with new abilities and then rinsing and repeating. With more than 15 robotic foes to worry about, 4 playable Hoverships to master, and 100s of room and level combinations, you can be sure you won’t tire of Hovership Havoc in a hurry.

Features include:

  • Randomly generated levels with 100s of combinations of rooms and enemy spawn patterns to ensure no two playthroughs are ever the same
  • 4 playable Hoverships, each with their own unique main weapon and stats for completely different play styles
  • Giant robotic boss battles that take place in a 3rd person perspective instead of top down
  • 30+ Hovership sci-fi abilities such as nanobots, drones, missiles, lasers, shields, and more
  • 15+ Robotic enemy types with their own attack styles and AI
  • Collect ORBs to upgrade your hovership stats and abilities
  • Permanent progression for each hovership between playthroughs

If you’re tempting by what this latest twin-sticker brings then get over to the Xbox Store and nab a download for £8.39. Those sitting on the fence unsure over whether a purchase is for them should most definitely keep an eye out for our upcoming review of Hovership Havoc on Xbox One. It’ll be with you pretty soon.

And if you love the twin-sticking scene, you may wish to check out the brilliant Xeno Crisis too.

Game Description:

Hovership Havoc is a sci-fi twin stick shooter with 3rd person boss battles. Blast through rooms of a futuristic robotic factory filled with robot enemies. Equip your Hovership with randomly dropped abilities and upgrade your stats during and before each playthrough.

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