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Courtesy of Rockstar Games, the Grand Theft Auto franchise began in 1997. Since its release, there have been a further eleven standalone games and four expansion packs. 

GTA features a virtual world where players are free to partake in criminal activities, such as stealing, dealing arms and handling counterfeit money. Thread throughout the games is the option to complete illegal quests in return for money and status which enable players to build an empire. 

GTA V, released in 2013, is one of the bestselling games of all time. According to Take-Two’s report on the first quarter of 2020, 15 million copies were sold. Since GTA V emerged, it’s sold 135 million copies worldwide over its lifespan so far. And it continues to sell millions of copies every month, despite it being released years ago. 

There is speculation over its success among avid gamers, and journalists worldwide. Theories that arise include the freedom players have to do what they want, in virtual cities modelled on real-life territories. For instance, you can kill cops. You can sleep with prostitutes. And, you can invite friends along for the ride, in your stolen sports car.

GTA combines both real-life elements, with the potential to do bad things if the player wants to, in a safe, virtual space. 

Most activities explored are those which people in real life would never encounter. But in GTA almost anything is possible, which adds to the game’s excitement and appeal.

Additionally, the content is ever evolving. Rockstar consistently provides new updates for gamers to experience.

For instance, the addition of one of GTA Vs most awaited games from fans and followers was The Diamond Casino & Resort. The casino opened to the public on 23rd July 2019. The excitement of fans ensued in anticipation of the new GTA additions offerings, and they weren’t disappointed. 

How To Play GTA The Diamond Casino & Resort

To experience the casino, players must purchase a membership;

Standard Membership- Players can access the casino, receive 5000 chips for playing with on receipt of spending GTA$ 5000, and they’re allowed to use the casinos parking facility for one car. 

VIP Membership – VIP memberships are awarded to gamers who purchase a penthouse. Players will need to accumulate at least GTA$ 1,500,00 to afford the cheapest penthouse property.

The VIP option allows gamers to experience the full extent of the casinos’ facilities such as the tables reserved for high rollers. The VIP membership is for those who enjoy the virtual high life. 

Gaining exclusive access at the GTA casino via VIP admission adds a mysterious and attractive element to the game. 

In comparison to real casinos, online casinos often require registration, and a deposit rather than a membership for newcomers to play. And the deposit is often rewarded with incentives such as free spins, and free credit. Allowing players to trial and play games for free before investing their own money. So, while GTA V’s casino provides classic casino favourites, you will find a larger selection of higher quality games when you play at a trusted site like betsafe.com/en/.

Diamond Standard Casino

For opulent surroundings and a range of casino games, GTA’s casinos shall satisfy most players. Table games available include three-card poker, blackjack and roulette. Players can also partake in betting on horse races and taking spins on the slot machines. 

The layout, interior, and games on offer are incredibly similar to those witnessed in land-based casinos. Making it a realistic virtual replica of actual casinos. 

A charming addition to the casino activities is the Lucky Wheel. Players with membership are entitled to one spin a day. On the wheel, players can win clothing, vehicles and GTA$. 

Although it’s important to note because gambling is not permitted in certain countries, and so GTAs casino addition is been banned in some locations. Countries such as China, South Korea and Greece are just a few places that don’t allow its citizens to use GTA’s Diamond Casino. Which in some cases, is unfortunate. As the Diamond Casino is arguably one of the most relaxing settings and enjoyable components of GTA to date.

The Takeaway from GTA’s Casino

Gamers have an opportunity to experience casino games with virtual money. Enabling them to learn about the rules of play in real casinos, and increase their understanding of gambling. One distinctive, and realistic element of the GTA is;

The house always wins. – Danny Ocean, Oceans 11. 

Which sets a realistic expectation for gamers, should they transition to online gambling sites following playing GTA. Moreover, The GTA casino is a harmless way to spend virtual money, without any real repercussions. However, some prefer to achieve real winnings from a genuine casino. And for this reason, and many more, online casinos dominate a large portion of the gaming industry. 

Apart from the Casino, GTA has been a hit with gamers for years. Especially the GTA V version which allows online play. The different elements and opportunities in GTA add to its enjoyment. Gamers can rob cars, with online accomplices, and pick up missions as and when they choose. And now with an opulent casino on the Horizon, players have more new and exciting places to explore. And a whole host of new activities to engage with.