Online casinos have continued to grow and their influences have been as varied as featuring in some of the biggest film and television releases or in gaming formats and consoles such as the Xbox. The way people game and consume media has changed so much, and it seems that casinos have benefitted from this as they have continued to grow throughout certain parts of the world.

A quick look for an online casino promotion will show you a huge number of options and casinos, and both the slot games and table games have been influenced by the way so many people play games on their Xbox and other platforms.

In this guide, we’re exploring how Xbox and the Xbox gaming community have influenced online casinos, and the way in which the developers explore them and interact with them.

Play anywhere

This is one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in recent years in almost every service we access online – and that includes Xbox gaming as well as online casinos. The fact that you can play anywhere makes a big difference, as in the busy lifestyle a lot of us lead, the option to connect on our commute and log in to play games makes a big difference.

Both Xbox and some of the biggest online casinos have adapted so they can be accessed from apps. It seems strange that you don’t have to sit at your console to play console games any more. The “Play Anywhere” games mean that you can access and save your progress while you play on a mobile device such as a tablet. The same can be said of your online gambling. In this context, you may consider your laptop the main “console” where you play your slot and table games, but you can still play on mobile.

Cross-device and cross-platform

This leads us to the impressive cross-device and cross-platform compatibility. If you are playing poker against someone, it doesn’t matter what make of device they use to access the game, you can connect and play. Your Xbox account has a similar level of functionality, thanks to the Play Anywhere feature, and it means you can control it from other devices (even those not made by Microsoft).

Constant updates

Modern gamers have come to expect more than just the occasional update, and that means that there are always changes. Every time you log on to your Xbox, you will see that games have been updated or that new games have been added. For example, DLC for games such as Fortnite is released on a regular basis.

The same can be said for gambling and online casinos, as developers constantly produce new games and make them available to the casino companies. This means if you fancy trying something different, such as a new online slot game, you can almost always do so.

On top of that, we have “sequels” within the iGaming and online slot world, as they endeavor to tell more of a story and give a very interactive feel.


There is a perpetual struggle to offer something that the competition cannot. This is true of a lot of industries and the casino industry is no different.

Xbox and PlayStation famously tend to compete to get exclusive releases of certain games, meaning that you can only play it if you have their specific console. Meanwhile, other games are released across all platforms.

With the number of famous games out there, a lot of casino brands are seeking to do the same with their slots. This means that if one of the slot games is someone’s favorite, they would only be able to access it on their specific site or app. This is an attempt to offer something unique and different.

Better graphics

In the world of gaming – even console gaming – graphics don’t need to be ultra-realistic in order to be good. While some console games look almost photorealistic at the moment, not all of them do, and there are some amazing games, such as Minecraft, with block graphics. Even Fortnite has a cartoony sort of feel to it rather than being overly realistic.

That said, in recent years there has been a big push to improve the offering when it comes to graphics, both in the world of Xbox and console gaming, and even with casinos. This is more about having something that looks and feels nice to play, rather than worrying about it being particularly realistic. For table and slot games, this can make for a more authentic experience.