Game development has come a long way over the last few decades. New technology, innovations and techniques have helped to make the process of creating games much easier while also adding far greater options for developers. Modern gamers can enjoy an experience that would have seemed out of this world only a few years ago.

Yet, despite all of these innovations and improvements to technology, some of the biggest changes are those that are incredibly simple. Take accessibility, for instance. Adding subtitles, colour blind modes, and other accessibility features is incredibly easy for developers and yet makes a big difference to the players they affect. 

Gaming continues to thrive, and the industry is still growing each year. New casino games and video games are always innovating and changing how we play, but Xbox game development doesn’t have to be complicated to be better. Below you’ll see some examples of simple solutions that have helped make gaming better.

Regenerating Health

If you load up a game that’s twenty years old, you’ll probably find it very different to play compared to most modern titles, especially if it’s a shooter. In the past, most games used a health bar and health pack system, where the player has a health bar, and the game ends when this bar is reduced to zero. This is similar to modern games. Only back then, the only way to replenish the health bar was by using a health pack. This meant that gamers could often get stuck on difficult sections if they ran out of health packs, and it would mean they’d need to redo the whole level

Modern games are more likely to use regenerating health, where the health bar refills automatically when not taking more damage. This system is a lot more fun to play and leads to less frustrating segments and simpler gameplay. Although some modern games still use health packs, nearly all shooters now make use of a regenerating health bar as it allows the game to flow much better. 

Improved Accessibility

If you have an impairment, video gaming can be tough, but it’s much more accessible than it used to be. Most major releases on the Xbox today include accessibility options such as subtitles, colour blind mode and much more. These options make it much easier for people with a disability such as a vision or hearing impairment to play and enjoy the game. Although it’s not a big change, improved accessibility helps make gaming a hobby that everyone can enjoy, 

Free to Play

As the number of games on the market has grown in recent years, consumers have become more hesitant to spend their hard-earned money on anything other than the finest. This gave rise to the Free to Play model, which allows publishers to lower the price of their games in order to attract gamers and encourage them to spend money on in-game purchases.

The free to play model has attracted new players to gaming, making the cost of playing much cheaper. Although there aren’t many free to play games on Xbox, the gamepass does offer something similar. This provides players with a way to play loads of exciting games while paying very little overall. 

Early Access

Early access games are titles that are still in development but can be bought and played. Typically, developers will release a game in early access if it’s mostly finished but still needs further tweaks. The players get to enjoy the game early and can leave feedback on bugs and issues for the developers to fix. This serves two purposes. First of all, it provides revenue to the developers to allow them to finish the project. In addition, it also helps reveal bugs and ensure the finished game is highly polished.